October is the month where ghouls, ghosts, and all that go bump in the night are paid homage. This show didn’t let that spirit down.

Combichrist is in the final stages of the We Love you Tour Part II North American leg before heading to Europe. The tour is in support of the 2014 album, We Love You, released in March of this year.

The band’s current line-up featured the vocals of founding member, Andy LaPlegua. He was energetic and towards the end of the set, showed the crowd the playful side of the band. His stage presence and vocals were on point and did not disappoint. Engaging a fan in the crowd, he held his hand over a lighter’s flame while starting to sing the encore song.

Joe Letz had too small of an area for his drum kit, but his wild and steady routine of showing off his skills and showmanship kept the crowd entertained and his drum tech busy throughout the show. Abbey Nex was on bass and, at one point, showed his previous experience on the drums during the encore of the night. Not wanting to sit in the back all night, he moved to bass and his skills were definitely apparent.

Eric13 was on lead guitar. Not only did he shred out for the entire night but was also a statesman for the band to the fans after the show. Filling out the band’s final spot and having the best seat in the house, was Z. Marr taking care of the sampling and keyboard duties.

Darksiderz, aka Aaron NecroFlesh, warmed up the crowd right before handing them over to Combichrist. A DJ that started making a name for himself in 2010, his unique mix of industrial, dance, and even metal influences made the LED screen on the front of his turntables the icing on the cake.

Even having members of the other supporting bands show up on stage only enhanced the over all enjoyment for the fans and the level of mischief under the lights. It showed a serious dedication to the art of mixing music and the ability to have fun and be spontaneous at the same time. By the end of his set, he had even the people in the back who didn’t quite know what to make of him banging theirs heads to the beat of the mix.

William Control was on before Darksiderz and had a presence that was both cool and a throw back to the times where smoking a cigarette on stage wasn’t considered a mortal sin. The stage was too small for the tricks done with the mic and for the band, but it didn’t hold back the sound that made their latest release, The Neuromancer, a promising album.

Wil Francis was engaging with the crowd and showed charisma on top of his vocals. His fan loyalty had several people drive in from Chicago to see the show. It was no surprise by the set as to why he and the band were special guests of the Black Veil Brides tour in 2013.

Opening the show for Combichrist was Davey Suicide; with Davey on vocals, Needlz on keyboards, Drayven Davidson on drums, Brent Ashley on bass, and Mikey 13 on guitar. While having a good share of sampling in the set, DS had the more hardcore metal/rock sound of the night with a healthy punch of punk to make their definitive sound stick in your head for days after the show. Currently working on another album, they are scheduled to continue touring through the end of the year.

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