A sold-out collection of loving souls enjoy a shimmering summer evening full of the blissful musings of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood at Bell’s Eccentric Café.

The late great Jerry Garcia said “We need magic, and bliss, and power, myth, and celebration and religion in our lives, and music is a good way to encapsulate a lot of it.” An evening with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood speaks to the words of Jerry. A prevailing air of joy filled the air just as smiles grace every face at this sold-out show.

The beer garden outside of Bell’s Eccentric café buzzes with shared stories of prior concerts or chance meetings with the band. The cosmic glow that is infused within in the music of the Chris Robinson Brother encourages the fan interaction. The warming sun and delightful beers turn strangers into friends as we wait for the band to make their way to the stage.

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood are weaving a path across the United States in support of their new album Barefoot In The Head. This is the band’s third album in 2 years. The cast of characters who make up the Brotherhood are Neal Casal (guitar), Adam MacDougall (keyboards), Tony Leone (drums), Jeff Hill (bass), and Chris Robinson (vocals/guitar).

A murmur turns into a chorus of cheers as the Chris Robinson Brotherhood takes to the stage. This gorgeous August sun comes within the grasp of the horizon as the band kicks off with “New Cannonball Rag”. You can’t help but feel the delight reverberate from the fans as they dance to the music. A scan of faces on stage shows musicians in their element, tasting the warm honey within each delicious note.

As most fans know well, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood is not afraid to take you on a trip. The first is down memory lane reaching way back to 2004 with “Eagles on the Highway”. The faces of fans light up like a new day sun as Chris sang “Are you ready to take wing and fly?”. Our next trip is one of enlightenment through the spacious jams of “Tulsa Yesterday”. Tony and Jeff pull the pocket deep allowing Adam, Neal, and Chris to fill it full of magic musical goodness.

The evening warmed with the heat of hearts made full by standby favorites “Beggars Moon”, “Rare Birds” and the popping “Shore Power”. The Chris Robinson made an offering from the new album Barefoot In The Head playing the trippy daydream “Hark, The Herald Hermit Speaks”. They also include the psychedelic Jamaican breeze of “Good to Know” and the sweet ache of “If You Had a Heart to Break”.

Capping off a sumptuous summer evening brimming with intoxicating music, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood reach for a cover of “Got Love If You Want It” by Slim Harpo and an encore of the Rolling Stones “Sweet Virginia”. We drink deep of this euphoric musical brew crafted with care by the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Cheers to the lads in CRB for giving us a night of songs to remember.

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Event Date: 10-AUG-2018

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