Chevelle finally returns to a capacity crowd in Orlando, Florida, with a sold out show at the House of Blues. 

It’s been nearly two years since the power trio, Chevelle, brought their energetic blend of metal grunge to the fans of the Central Florida, Orlando area.  Chevelle arrived ready to entertain with a set-list spanning eight albums of music history and presenting a barrage of 19 songs to eagerly awaiting fans. 

Brothers Loeffler and bass monster Dean Bernardini, create a sound that is not that of a typical three piece band.  Chevelle has a wall of sound that can only be described as…”HUGE,” with a keen focus on their ultra-tight rhythm section.  Clearly seasoned musicians who also know how to satisfy a hungry crowd.  Scanning the energized crowd, you will see headbangers, moshers, and crowd surfers, but most of all, true fans, fans that know the core of Chevelle.   Throughout the performance, the crowd was clearly heard, singing with Peter as he delivered the lyrics that have fueled Chevellians for over a decade.

A powerful light show, with some mysterious stage props, added to an almost steampunk-ish, ambiance.  The band launched their grinding onslaught with the crunchy, grungetastic classic “Another Know It All.”  Moshers and headbangers united as Chevelle continued to plow their most recent hits appearing in their set, “Rivers,” and “Joyride(Omen).”  Bass fans were treated with the ultra chunky and toothy playing of bassist Bernardini, as he laid the roots for the band’s angry groove “An Evening With El Diablo.”  Soon after, rogue fans could be seen engaging in the age old art of crowd surfing.  Despite the high energy and packed capacity venue, the Chevellians were quite well behaved (with an occasional surfer being lead off by assisting staff.)  

With the conclusion of the bone shaking “Hats Off To the Bull,” the trio took a suspenseful pause, leaving the stage area.  They return to the roaring fans still lining the House of Blues, and deliver a surprising four song encore.  Most notably, was the presentation of the bands monster hit “The Red,” that had nearly everyone, including security singing along with Peter.  Chevelle closed the evening with a memorable version of “Send the Pain Below.”  

If you have never had a chance to see Chevelle live, they are a must see, that will leave you feeling uplifted and energetic.  Without a doubt, as noted, Chevelle fans always get their money’s worth…and then some.

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Event Date: 19-JUL-2017

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