There was one hell of a show for Chrisgo’s 40th birthday with the Chartbuster’s Portland headlining the night and releasing their debut CD.

Veteran punk rock supporter Chrisgo Jones turned 40 this month, and Chartbusters Portland honored him with a performance at Ducketts with the InsignifiCUNTS and Sidewalk Slam. Sidewalk Slam are a punk rock band from the basements of Portland.  Having formed in August 2014, their current lineup includes Devin on vocals, Justin on lead guitar, Ryan on guitar and vocals, Joe on bass, and Amber on drums. With influences of Perkele, Monster Squad, Chocking Victim, Blood for Blood, and Poison Idea, Sidewalk slam has a fresh style with an old school sound keeping punk legit.

According to their Facebook page, they are “the worst band ever,” a badge they wear proudly. In truth, the InsignifiCUNTS are anything but that and as raw as a punk band can be. They encourage you to hate them, yet for any fan of the genre, you’re going to love them. The lineup includes Jim Jones (bass and vocals), RawDog (rhythm and lead guitar), and Sergeant Overdose (drums). With influences of Aggression, JFA, Agent Orange, and the Smut Peddlers, the trio has a good grasp on not sounding like any of the aforementioned acts and keeping their gigs fresh and lively. With a good following and a great original sound, the InsignifiCUNTS deliver the goods.

Composed of musicians with over three decades of talent, Boardwalk, Pongo, The Duck, and Wilson formed The Chartbuster’s Portland in January of 2013. With just over two years together as a group, the four-piece have honed in on an honorable sound and have developed a strong following, taking Punk Rock back to the streets. With “Portland Belongs to Us,” a redux of the Cock Sparrer song “England Belongs To Me,” the Chartbusters Portland turn their shows into a sing-along slam-fest, with the remainder of their set equally as volatile.

The group just finished recording their self-titled debut CD on February 15. For the time being, it will only available at their shows. Hopefully soon, the release will be available online with hopes of a vinyl edition for sale in the near future.

But the question still remains, who is Chrisgo and how is he significant with the bands that played his birthday gig? Guitarist Rawdog explains, “Chrisgo is a friend of all the bands that played. Been a die-hard supporter of punk for ages. He, along with my son Sid, and Zac all sang backup vocals on the recording. Zac and Tony did trade off vocals in ‘Antisocial,’ which made perfect sense since they both sang together in The Escaped.”

And to that, Happy 40th Birthday Chrisgo. Thank you for supporting local music.

The Chartbusters Portland have upcoming show dates on March 22 at the Flying 15 Motorcycle Clubhouse, May 16 at the Twilight Cafe and lounge, and June 17 at the Tonic Lounge.

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