Cavalera Conspiracy masterminds a metal show to raise hell with Death Angel, Corrosion of Conformity, and Lody Kong.

Supporting their latest release, Pandemonium, Cavalera Conspiracy have been touring the states bringing a metal extravaganza with them. The tour included the iconic thrash band Death Angel, a special Blind edition of Corrosion of Conformity, and the hardcore thrash of Lody Kong.

Opening up the show was a local band called For We Are Many. This was a pretty big show for this young band and they made the most of it. They played metal in the vein of old school Metallica with hints of Trivium. Their drummer handled a majority of the lead vocals, which was a twist. Dual lead guitars played harmonizing riffs and the bass player had great chops and a lot of stage presence. While vocal harmonies were a little spotty, these guys have the raw materials to forge their own way.

Lody Kong hit the stage next in a ball of furious energy. There was no denying their roots as a few tunes have that Sepultura and Nailbomb vibe. The similarity in sound is fleeting as the band dove into some serious grind. In a hair flying frenzy, the band grabbed the attention of the audience and kept them engaged. Zyon Cavalera was a madman on the drums as he propelled the sonic onslaught with flying tom rolls and crashing symbols. Igor Cavalera voiced his love for the crowd many times.

Next up was Corrosion of Conformity – Blind which features founding COC drummer Reed Mullin and Karl Agell who was the vocalist on the Blind album. A number of people in the audience were excited about this performance as they performed the entire album, start to finish. Opening up with the doom-laden “These Shrouded Temples,” guitarists Scott Little and Mike Brown combined with the thumping bass of Jerry Barrett got the crowd up and ready to rock.

Reed Mullin was a lot of fun to watch behind the kit as he is a very animated drummer. He had great chops with a popping snare which really came through on “Buried.” Karl Agell has lost nothing in his vocal range. His distinctive vocals were powerful, especially on the song “Mine Are The Eyes of God.” The audience ate up every moment of the show.

Corrosion wrapped up their set with a cover of Legionnaires Disease’s “Rather See You Dead.” They invited a young lady up on the stage to play bass during this tune. She tore it up, thrashing her head and moving around the stage like she had been with the band for years.

Death Angel was ablaze with unbridled fury as they tore into “Left for Dead” from their album, The Dream Calls for Blood. It took only seconds from the first heart racing riffs to ignite a pit that kept going throughout their set.

Will Carroll (drums) set a blistering pace which the guitars of Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar matched with a vengeance. While every solo Rob played was spectacular, a stand out was during “Evil Priest” where he nailed that crazy sounding chromatic run. Damien Sisson was a tornado of hair as he attacked his bass and kept the thrashing wall of sound thick and heavy.

The master of ceremonies during the Death Angel set was vocalist Mark Osegueda. Sadly, Mark informed the audience of the passing of his grandmother. He dedicated the show to her and used it to recover from his grief. Mark was absolutely amazing in his vocal prowess. He held screams for an eternity and commanded the stage. I was reminded of Ronnie James Dio with his engagement of the audience.

Supporting their new album, Pandemonium released in October of 2014, Cavalera Conspiracy set about to reek havoc upon the stage at the Crofoot. Opening with the Fear Factory-esque “Babylonian Pandemonium,” Max Cavalera cranked up the grind with his guitar and vocals as he encouraged the crowd to get the mosh pit going. The fans were ready and the pit got rowdy.

There was no mistaking the distinctive drumming of Igor Cavalera. He flew across the kit with wild abandon on “Cramunhao” and “Wasting Away”. In step with Igor’s pace was Johny Chow on bass. He added more weight to the bottom end of the band’s sound.

Cavalera Conspiracy gave their fans a show filled with the spectrum of their music including cuts from Nailbomb and Sepultura. “Refuse/Resist” and the medley of “Beneath The Remains,” “Desperate Cry,” and “Troops of Doom,” were crowd favorites with much thrashing of heads and necks.

This was a great mix of metal genres all packaged into one hell of a tour. Fans got their money’s worth as every band played their asses off giving them a heaping dose of live metal mayhem.

Listen to a recent interview with Max Cavalera of Cavalera Conspiracy.

Watch the interview with Ted Aguilar of Death Angel, shot at this very show.

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