Heidi, Carla, and the Butcher Babies dominate in Louisville with Caducus, Hellfire Militia, and Las Vicious.

18-May-2016: The Butcher Babies blast onto Trixie’s stage launching immediately into “National Bloody Anthem” and “Blonde Girls All Look the Same” grabbing the crowd’s attention and starting off the evening of hardcore moshing.

Butcher Babies, fronted by the powerhouse tandem of Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey along with guitarist Henry Flury, bassist Jason Klein, and drummer Chris Warner, barely stop to catch their breaths as they power thru “The Butcher,” “Gravemaker,” and “Igniter.”

Pausing for a moment, Heidi explains the rules for the evening which seem simple enough; “Get Crazy and lose your fucking minds,” which is exactly what everyone did. The gang promptly rolls into “Jesus Needs More Babies for His War Machine” and “Mr. Slowdeath” leading fans in a mosh pit frenzy.

There are two sets of risers on stage for Heidi and Carla, but they sure didn’t spend much time on them as they were all over the stage, hair whipping, and doing reverse 360-degree jumps from the risers.

The band is spot on tonite as well, firing off some fierce guitar riffs and power bass chords adding to the energy-laden furor of the evening.

With just a few songs left in their main set, Butcher Babies play “Monster’s Ball,” “Dead Man Walking,” and “Thrown Away” before ending with an incredible performance of “They’re Coming to Take Me Away” putting a giant exclamation point on the concert.

Much to the delight of the fans in the room, Butcher Babies come back for a three-song encore starting off with “Magnolia Blvd.” They follow with a medley of “The Deathsurround / Goliath / I Smell a Massacre” before ending the evening with “Axe Wound” that finds Heidi on the floor in the middle of the circle pit providing a great show moment.

Even though the venue was on the smaller side, Butcher Babies delivered a stadium-sized show, leaving those lucky fans with something to talk about for days to come.

Terry Harper Productions always seem to have great local metal groups supporting the headliners and tonite is no different. Providing primary support is New Albany, Indiana-based alternative metallers, Caducus. Tonite is their album release show for Fallen released May 15.

Their set features songs from the album including their newest single, “Sanctuary.” Dancers join the band on stage during their performance of “Safeword.”

Caducus is  Michala (vocals), Chuck Stoess (guitar),  Chuck Hedrick (drums), and Logan Crockett (bass).

Performing second is the outstanding Louisville metal group, Hellfire Militia. Their music is reminiscent of Lamb of God and Goatwhore, featuring the intense and intimidating vocals of J.D. Hall. Hellfire Militia’s hard-driving original material included “Swamp Witch,” “Chosen Bastards,” “Pitiful,” and “Rise of the Pagans” before ending with “Death Crawl.”

Hellfire Militia is J.D. Hall (vocals), Jeff Troy (guitar), Todd Conn (bass), and Jason Proctor (drums).

Opening the show this evening was Lexington Kentucky-based alternative metal group, Las Vicious. Their 30-minute set included a cover of the Misfits “Last Caress.”

Las Vicious is  Andrea VanVoorhis (vocals),  Daniel Bodager(bass/vocals),  Jeremy Gartner (guitar/vocals), and Andrew Grigson (drums/vocals).

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