The Bronx played a double-header as they opened the Roots Stage on Sunday at noon and then played the late night Riot Fest After Party at Chicago’s legendary Double Door.

The first band up was the youthful Radkey from St. Joseph, Missouri. Radkey is the family name of brothers Isaiah, Solomon, and Dee who make up this three-piece outfit. The band tore through a high-octane 30-minute set with their garage punk sound reminiscent of The Misfits or Bleach-era Nirvana.

Lead singer Dee Radkey sings with a deep, Danzig-esque tone with a surf-punk vibe and infectious quality. The Misfits influence to their music is unmistakable with tight guitar hooks and plenty of opportunities to sing along with catchy choruses.

One standout song was the title track from their last album Dark Black Make Up (Amazon), a song which stays in your head long after the show ends.

Radkey did a great job charging the crowd up for what was going to come next and are a band to watch; big things lay in store for this group of brothers.

The Los Angeles-based The Bronx headlined this official Riot Fest After Party. The band’s road crew cleared all obstacles from the front of the stage, even pushing the drum kit nearly flush against the back wall in preparation for the chaos that was to follow. The Bronx who had played at noon to open Riot Fest was back on stage nearly 12 hours later, with no signs of fatigue evident.

Matt Caughthran, the lead singer, greeted the crowd with a broad smile clearly enjoying a second opportunity to play for Chicago. He invited stage divers from the first song letting it be known that their set was going to be something in which the crowd would be expected to participate. They did not let him down as audience members stage dove and crowd surfed throughout the set, as did Caughthran who surfed and sang from atop the crowd.

The band played a loud, gritty set which covered their seven record catalog.

The band was revved up the crowd with their cuts “Knifeman” and” White Guilt.” The crowd moshed throughout the show.

Caughthran took a moment during the set to comment on having the Malort experience. Malort is an infamous Chicago-made wormwood liqueur to which his comment scored points with the Chicago crowd. The Bronx’s chaotic performance was an appropriate close to Riotfest weekend.

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