The Polish Technical Death Metallers play to a packed house at the top of a monstrous five-band lineup of savagery.

On a wintery Saturday night, Chicago metalheads gathered at the South Loop music institution that is Reggie’s Rock Club for a night of unadulterated and well-rounded Death Metal.

The Ox King kicked the night off right with their brand of darkened, progressive hardcore rock.

Next came the Windy City’s own Against the Plagues. The Polish-by-way-of-Chicago death metal group jumped on to the bill only a few days before the show, filling in for Black Breath who dropped off the tour suddenly last week. Their pounding performance proved that this band can deliver one Hell of a show – even on short notice.

Then Theories took to the stage. This Seattle-based death/grind group only has one LP to their name to date, on Metal Blade’s label, but have the stage presence and musical technicality of a well-seasoned fringe band. If this is what their artistic dawn sounds like, one must eagerly await what the day may bring.

Standing tall in the direct support position of the evening’s lineup came the mighty Jungle Rot – native to the Chicago death metal scene for over two decades strong. There was no mistaking Dave Matrise‘s bestial howls as the band’s cannonade blended brutal slams with groovy hooks to a mob of rabid metalheads moshing the pit.

And finally, at the top of the bill, Poland’s own Decapitated came into the ring. Their touring lineup featured Decrepit Birth‘s Sean Martinez taking up bass duties – who came well-fit for the job. The band’s one hour set spanned their complete discography. The crowd erupted when, late in the set, the Poles took to blasting the mighty, “Spheres of Madness,” a fan favorite off of the Nihility LP (2002).

Overall it was another great night of versatile death metal and aggressive rock for the Midwestern metalheads of Chicago.

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