Life is more then what happens on the stage. But when they’re on the stage it’s a whole different life, enter the musicians and enjoy.

Local music scenes are like muscles in the human body. The ones that get the most movement and exercise grow strong and flourish. While others that get starved for attention slowly wither away and disappear. Realm of Toledo, OH is trying to keep the cardiac arrested music scene of the Glass City beating. To this end, they hosted a great night of sonic vibrations in the form of Blue Felix with PftP and Fail & Deliver opening the night for them.

With the other touring band, Immoralis, having a tour bus breakdown on the way to the show, the other openers got longer sets then normal. PftP took full benefit of the extra time to give their most polished set to date. Jeffrey Oliver (vocals), Kauveh Aynafshar (guitar), Brian Catti (guitar), Dan Bedell (bass), and Justin Eckhart (drums) make up this hometown quintet. With the drum totem animal being Barry the Platypus, the bass player with the flack jacket, and the over all fun the guys have on stage it’s no wonder that they are playing more shows and building a name for having a solid performance. Catch them coming up at the EP release party for My Special Agent Nov 27, 2015. Check out their debut album, Built with Love from a Fantasy. So, if you happen to see them live buy the CD and say hi.


Dead by Dawn Records artists and Toledo natives, Fail & Deliver, happen to be Robert Longoria, Ricky Longoria, Ronnie Longoria, Erik Myers, and Rudy Guyton. The band lived up to its rock, alternative, metal roots that have been growing since 2011. While they too were the beneficiaries of extra set time, Fail & Deliver isn’t a stingy bunch. Calling up a friend of the band’s, Russ Varwig of DemonShifter, he made a welcomed cameo appearance to give a few backup screams on a song. The stoic beard, the happy Buddha on drums, the Latino lover on guitar, the guys all were larger then life and having the crowd eat it up was just a bonus. While there isn’t any other listed dates for the fellas in the next few weeks, if they happen to play a place near you, we recommend spending a few bucks and checking them out.

As mentioned earlier in this piece, the other touring band wasn’t able to get to the show with their bus stopping its one job of getting them to Realm on time. So, the Minneapolis, MN monsters of the American Great White North with the help of Coldcock American Herbal Flavored Whiskey came out on stage just a tad bit sooner then planned. Blue Felix then started kicking the ass of everyone that made the smart choice of staying to see the headlining band play. With two mysterious new additions to the band’s line-up in the drumming and mixing positions, we only know for sure that Toxsick (vocals), Rev. John (bass), and Xhail (guitar) were there to blister the hides of the faithful with their brand of groove metal. Fog machine blasts, dim lights, and evil eyes all lent their intensiveness to the stage presence commanded by a metal grinding behemoth like Toxsick. The night couldn’t have ended better then with everyone’s middle fingers in the air saluting a band that should have had more love in the audience then it did.

If you were at the meet and greet for the band or at the show, we’d love to hear what you have to say about the show, the venue, or even the state of the local music scene.


Blue Felix
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Fail & Deliver
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