Another Lost Year is hitting the road in support of their new album hitting soon. Make sure we mention the website a few times, thanks.

First up to kick the show off was Klashing Black. Not only did this Fostoria, Ohio band come with the desire to make a good impression on the Realm crowd, but they also won the nightly award for most people on the stage at one time playing and an honorable mention for having the keyboard-guitar thingy played on stage during a song. The still young musicians that make up the band are Kane Benner (guitar), Kyle Benner (vocals), Zeppelin Schindorff (guitar), John Kowalczk (bass), and Scott Spangler (keyboard). Having been around since 2012, this alternative rock group has had the ability to come up with a somewhat refreshing and well-rounded sound to their music.

The three mysterious gentlemen in Social Impact have been found out. They are James “JT” Gilliam (drums), Travis Barker (vocals/guitar), and Adam Hall (bass). This Toledo, Ohio three-piece has been around since 2011 doing their best to blow the rooftops off of each venue they’ve been fortunate enough to play. The band brought that kind of fun uncle anarchy you could only hope for as a kid at family functions. Looking to add another guitarist and possibly writing new, original material seems to be in the cards for these guys for this still very fresh 2016.

The first band of the night to be touring with Another Lost Year, of course, is the well endowed facial haired bards from Athens, Georgia, Lullwater. John Strickland (vocals), Brett Strickland (guitar), Joseph Wilson (drums), and Ray Beatty (bass) make up the group that happens to be touring in support of their latest release, Revival. The guys had fun on stage despite someone in the band needing a rather large scarf to stay warm in Northwest Ohio before his set time. If you haven’t heard these rockers get on it yet, we can’t recommend doing so now highly enough.

And we can’t forget the closers of the night. The new album can be found on the band website. The merry men of ALY are, in no particular order, Clinton Cunanan (vocals), Adam Hall (bass), Nathan Walker (drums), and Jorge Sotomarino (guitar). The interaction with the crowd was fantastic with even a few special appearances by Jb Bachtel and John Strickland and different songs. The amount of concentration we saw from John on his song not only gives us at National Rock Review phantom pains of sympathy but the respect for him not even missing a note was nothing short of inspiring.

We have a video interview coming shortly with Clinton talking about all things ALY and the new album and single with video support dropping shortly. Check these guys out if they don’t get trapped in another blizzard coming from the Charlotte, North Carolina area to play for your neck of the woods.

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Klashing Black
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Social Impact

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Another Lost Year
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