Big Wreck blew in from the Great White North (aka Canada) bringing their rich and dynamic music to adoring fans in Detroit.

The show kicked off with a dose of hard-hitting rock from Detroit’s Ignoring The Echoes. With a sound reminiscent of Trapt and Saliva, they grabbed the crowd’s attention with loud and proud rock that hits you right between the eyes.

It was obvious before Big Wreck took the stage, everyone there was a tried and true fan that have tracked their career from In Loving Memory to the stellar new release of Ghosts. Everyone sang along to each song and let the music paint pictures, with strokes ranging from thundering and broad, to whisper sweet and delicate.

“I Digress” started the show off with a big and bouncy groove laid down by Dave McMillan on bass and Chuck Keeping on drums. Dave McMillan threw in some outstanding bass lines complimented by the snake charming guitar solo from Ian Thornley, which bedazzled the crowd. What a way to start a show.

Big Wreck did a fantastic job of a set spanning each of their albums, picking out choice cuts for the audience to savor from the sultry smooth lines of “War Baby,” and the swampy bayou swagger of “Look What I Found,” to the trippy and brash “Ladylike.”

Each song hit the listener as an anthem, making the hairs on your arms stand tall. Through all of these marvelous tunes, the multi-faceted and layered guitars of Brian Doherty and Paulo Neta created a thick tapestry for Hendrix-esque fretboard divination of Ian Thornley.

After ending up on “Hey Mama,” the crowd was not quite ready to call it a night and Big Wreck came back out to do of all things, a cover song.  They kicked out the best cover I’ve ever heard of “Highway To Hell,” with Paulo Neta sounding just like Bon Scott. The evening was capped off with beautifully brazen “The Oaf,” which sent the crowd out on a mountain high.

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