The lords of humorcore are coming for your hearing and what little sanity you may have left. IV: Revenge of the Vengeance hits stores on Nov 4th. 2014.

There are metal bands that have mind melting guitar playing, pounding double bass beats, screaming vocals, and dubious imagery to go along with the music. Pyschostick is no different on their new album entitled IV: Revenge of the Vengeance. But that is where the similarities stop. The band that brought you “Beer” from the 2006 We couldn’t Think of a Title have most certainly outdone themselves this time around. This four-piece out of Chicago is Josh Key (Guitar), Matty J (Bass), Rob Kersey (Vocals), and Alex Dontre (Drums) for those that haven’t had one of their songs stuck in your head for weeks.

This new album features twenty-one tracks of skits and songs that will make you listen to it until you can catch all the references from pop culture, the metal scene, and moments of “did he just say what I think he said?” With the fast paced musings of being stalked by a water fowl in “Quack Kills” to “NSFW” that will never see airplay on your local radio station, the album covers a wide range of subjects in its lampooning. It is no wonder their fans, that have had three albums to delight them in metal geekiness and humor, have waited anxiously for this new release.

“Blue Screen” will make anyone that has had a computer crash laugh and slightly cry for the truth hidden in these hilarious lyrics. And dog lovers, “Dogs Like Socks” will have you banging your head with man’s best friend. Also, “So. Heavy.” pokes the metal genre in the eyes in a completely metal appropriate way. Showing that the guys are fans of 80’s movies, the cover of “Danger Zone” from the Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun, is a true master piece. Even without the whispered extra lyrics, the song shows that Rob has the ability to sing in a way that many might not have known… if he wanted to. Make sure you listen to the final track if you’re an outtakes fan, as it will make you wonder how they got through the entire recording process with straight faces.

“Obey the Beard” video from IV: Revenge of the Vengeance:

The album is wonderfully produced. Josh’s guitar rifts and Moose’s bass play are on spot with Alex’s drum support expertly mixed in. Rob’s vocals are wide ranging and a perfect fit to deliver Psycostick’s wonderful brand of tongue in cheek humor with bubble wrap included on “AWESOME!” If you want a great listen with quite a few chuckles, this is the CD for you.

Psychostick concert photos from DirtFest 2014:

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