With ever increasing crowds, Biffy Clyro performs at the House of Blues, Chicago for a rocking Wednesday night show. 

If ever you want to see a show where its guaranteed that the band will give you their all every time, then this is the show for you. Within just a few minutes of taking to the stage, the sweat was lashing out of the shirtless boys from Kilmarnock, Scotland.

It is always great to see a non-US band doing well in the States, and Biffy Clyro are no exception. They might not be selling out the arenas like they do in the UK, but it is only a matter of time as their following is clearly growing. The last time they performed in Chicago was back in 2013 at the Bottom Lounge. This time around they packed out the Music Hall at the House of Blues. Enjoy seeing these guys in the more intimate settings while you can, as this surely can’t last for much longer.

While there’s always a draw of fans from band’s home countries when they tour overseas, it is also great to see the local residents increasing their support for them, too. Whilst there were a few Scottish flags on display by their native fans, there were clearly a lot of Chicagoans out in force, singing word for word with an adopted Scottish accent for the evening. 

Touring in support of their current album, Ellipsis, they kicked the night off with the opening track “Wolves of Winter” before showing off their impeccable timing on the rhythmically complex introduction for “Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies”. They had the full backing of the crowd who were harmonizing with them and bobbing heads in time together. 

As the energetic set progressed, so did the temperature in the House of Blues. When they started playing the ever popular “Bubbles”, the entire audience started jumping up and down, shaking the place right through to it’s foundations. By the time they performed “Mountain”, they had their own crowd surfer, albeit very briefly before she came hurtling down to earth with an almighty crash. 

Seeing how lively the venue was, it was surprising to see it fall completely still the moment Simon started his acoustic solo performance of “Medicine”. The entire House of Blues stood in respectful silence, listening to the clarity of his voice, taking a moment from the fast pace of the evening so far. Not able to stay quiet for too long, however, they all soon joined in with the harmonies as the song progressed. 

If you ever needed evidence of the amount of support the band received from the audience, look no further than “Many of Horror”.  Every single voice could be heard singing as the guys played along, taking in the moment. 

Taking an extremely brief absence from the stage before their encore, a resounding chant of “Mon the Biff” welcomed them back on stage to round the night off with the same energy they’d had all night with “God & Satan” and “Stingin’ Belle”.

The US tour continues on throughout April and May, before finishing with a set at Rock On The Range. 

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Event Date: 05-APR-2017

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Kirstine moved from the UK to Chicago in 2011, and has fallen in love with the city and its music scene. She enjoys combining her two biggest passions – music and photography. If there is a band with a guitar playing, chances are she’ll be there…camera in hand. Kirstine went to her first live concert at 7 years old, and hasn’t looked back since!

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