Backed by a select group of world-class musicians, Ace Frehley is out on tour and celebrating nearly 9 years of sobriety.

Adoring fans of all ages packed Pop’s Concert Venue, packing tightly against the barricade and waiting expectantly for one of rock’s greatest guitar legends to take the stage. Renowned musician/guitarist and songwriter Ace Frehley is a little older, but still has the chops to impress a crowd. He is back out on tour with support from three other first-rate musicians, appearing as The Ace Frehley Band, in Europe and the US in support of his latest solo project, Space Invaders. Whether the songs were written in the 1970s during his career with KISS or from his more recent releases, Frehley held the crowd’s attention with his unparalleled skills on guitar. Of course, he played to the crowd’s sentiments as well, bringing out his “smoking” Gibson and another with chasing lights during specific songs.

Although Frehley is often listed as one of the top influences of rock guitarists for many years, fellow touring guitarist Richie Scarlet‘s musicianship and solid vocals shone just as brightly. Scarlet deftly handled both duties while simultaneously running, jumping, posing, and playing from the opening number until the final encore. Where Scarlet exuded boundless energy, Frehley was more reserved, but the dichotomy of their stage presence did nothing to diminish their unmistakable talents. Nicknamed “The Emperor of Rock ‘n Roll,” Scarlet has played for a number of years with Frehley, but also other bands–Mountain, Sebastian Bach, Alice Cooper, and more–and produces.

Handling bass guitar duties and backing vocals was yet another consummate musician, Chris Wyse. Along with performing in his own band, Owl, Wyse has been involved with other bands over the years such as The Cult and Ozzy Osborne, as well as producing.  Wyse tended more towards the conservative onstage, not as energetic as Scarlet but more so than Frehley.

Taking on drums and select lead vocal duties was Scot Coogan, who also shares a long history with Frehley, along with other notable acts such as Lita Ford and Lynch Mob, along with a coveted position with Blue Man Group. Coogan’s vocals were strong, whether he was singing lead or backup, and was nearly as energetic as Scarlet (despite being behind his drum kit all night).

It was readily apparent the foursome that make up the touring Ace Frehley Band enjoy one another’s company and playing together–each member made it a point to play and sing with one another throughout the show, their personal chemistry as strong as their musical chemistry and talent.

The opening act for the night was St. Louis locals, Divine Sorrow. Noted for their melodic and atmospheric sound, complemented with analytically driven lyrics, the band has won its share of fan/reader’s choice awards in St. Louis throughout the years. The band plays originals, and their sound is an interesting mix that features two guitars with different, yet complementary agendas, the bass guitar as an undertone, and in-your-face drums.

Ace Frehley Set List:

  1. Toys
  2. Gimme a Feelin’
  3. Rocket Ride
  4. Parasite
  5. Love Gun
  6. Breakout
  7. Space Invader
  8.  Snowblind
  9. Rock Soldiers
  10. Chris Wyse bass solo
  11. Strange Ways
  12. New York Groove
  13. 2 Young 2 Die
  14. Shock Me
  15. Ace Frehley guitar solo
  16. Rip It Out
  17. Detroit Rock City (Encore)
  18. Deuce (Encore)

Divine Sorrow Set List

  1. Below
  2. Surface
  3. Swine
  4. Intercession
  5. Ashes
  6. Absentia
  7. Pretender
  8. Reign
  9. Mary

Ace Frehley
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Divine Sorrow
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Website | Facebook | Twitter

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