The Caliville singer makes an appearance in Toledo for a SOLD OUT show on the second night of the Chapters Tour 2020.

Living up to his Caliville mission statement, “Follow Your Dreams,” country artist Brett Young has had an exceptional past 15 months. In November of 2018, Brett marries his wife and follows it up with becoming a father in 2019. Brett is now kicking off a new 24 city North American headlining tour to start out the 2020 new year, before joining Jason Aldean on tour later this summer.

As the 2020 Chapters Tour gets underway, Brett Young and his team visit the Stranahan Theater in Toledo, OH on the second night of the tour. With the show being a sell out, Brett performs in front of 2,400 excited fans on Friday evening inside the theater.

The night’s events get under way with Matt Ferranti taking the stage first to perform songs from his latest self-titled debut ep. The Bay City, MI native wearing a Kobe Bryant basketball jersey to honor the great basketball superstar and to show his respects of Kobe’s passing the weekend prior, is joined on stage by a drummer and additional guitar player behind him.

During his performance, Matt dedicates “Ways To Love Her” as a love song to his wife that he married in February of 2019 and a way to thank her for allowing him to continue on with his musical career. Matt concludes his short set with his first single from the EP, “Make It To The Bedroom.”

Although Matt is known as being the multi-instrumentalist for tonight’s headliner, more and more people are witnessing Matt’s abilities of fronting his own performance at center stage. Soon Matt will not be the opening act for another artist, he will have someone opening the show for him. Give him time to build his musical library and more of a fan following and you will see him on stage as the headlining act.

An intro video plays on the screen above the stage showing photos of Brett Young as a child growing into an adult, with him narrating how through his life he knew this is what he was meant to do. When the video ends, Brett appears on stage singing his 2016 debut single “Sleep Without You” while lights and lasers flash from the stage.

With fans singing and dancing along, Brett performs songs from his 2016 debut self-titled album that also include his #1 singles “Like I Loved You” and “Mercy.”

Asking the crowd what they think, he jumps into a Gavin Degraw cover of “Not Over You” while channeling back and forth shaking hands of those standing in the general admission pit up against the stage.

With an acoustic guitar, Brett confesses that he gets excited about this song every single night. He claims that it is a song that you hope to have in your career, but never expected to have as early in his career as it happened. He feels that he would be booed off stage if he didn’t sing it every night. Knowing that it is weird that he is speaking to the guys, he sighs by saying that it is hard to express their feelings and be macho but yet soft enough and emotional enough to tell a girl how he feels. He continues by telling the guys that now they should grab their girl and slow dance to “In Case You Didn’t Know,” and more than likely gather more brownie points than you can cash in one night.

A video appears with Brett talking about growing up and playing baseball. He talks about moving on to college for baseball and injuring his elbow that took him out of the game. Now focusing on a new dream of following music, he began by playing in bars and wherever, to mostly playing to people that weren’t even listening. After eleven years, he moved to Nashville to follow his dreams.

When the video ends, you see Brett sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar for his acoustic jams session. As the crowd screams and cheers, Brett is amazed by the crowds reaction by joking “there is nothing going on and you still cheer.” The crowd only gets louder. He plays his favorite cover “Walking In Memphis” by himself acoustically.

Brett is excited about the new tour and being called the Chapters Tour so he can take his fans back to where it all started in California and bring them through the chapters of his life up to where he is now and how he became who he is. Brett individually calls each band member back to the stage to join him at front and center. With each band member, Brett introduces them by giving background on their relationship and their joining the band. With each member, they perform covers from other artists that they covered while playing bars and smaller venues while in California before moving to Nashville and getting a record deal. The covers include “I Drive Your Truck” (Lee Brice), “Can’t You See” (the Marshall Tucker Band) and “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen).

As the show continues, Brett performs songs “Here Tonight,” “Used To Missing You,” “1,2,3 – Mississippi” from his sophomore and latest studio album Ticket To L.A..

For the second time only, the song “The Ship And The Bottle” is being played live. It was originally interpreted as a song from a guy to his girl. Now that Brett and his guitar player Noah have become fathers, the song has now changed it’s meaning as a song from a father to a daughter. The song was already a part of the show before, but now has become a vital and personal song to them.

Brett concludes the show with his current single, “Catch” before leaving the stage.

With a screaming crowd not allowing them to leave yet, Brett returns to the stage for an encore. He dedicates the first song “Lady” to his three month old daughter, before ending with his tour title “Chapters.”

Though the Stranahan Theatre is a seated venue, most people stood throughout the whole 90 minute show dancing, singing and taking all of what Brett and his band could deliver. The energy between the stage and the crowd was tremendous and felt by everyone in attendance and fueled each other to continue.

If you would like to feel that energy and be a part of the show, or attend a show at Stranahan Theater, be sure to click on the links to follow along and catch a future show.

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Stranahan Theatre
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Event Date: 31-JAN-2020

Brett Young setlist:

  1. Sleep Without You     2. Left Side Of Leavin     3. Like I Loved You     4. You Ain’t Here To Kiss Me     5. Makin’ Me Say     6. Close Enough     7. Not Over You (Gavin Degraw cover)     8. In Case You Didn’t Know     9. Acoustic – Walkin’ In Memphis (Mark Cohen cover)     I Drive Your Truck (Lee Brice cover)     Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)     10. Mercy     11. Here Tonight     12. Used To Missin’ You     13. 1, 2, 3 – Mississippi     14. The Ship And The Bottle     15. Catch     Encore 16. Lady     17. Chapters