National Rock Review teams up with Full Terror Assault as a secondary stage sponsor and media partner for the inaugural metal festival on Sept 10-12.

National Rock Review is pleased to announce our sponsorship of the second stage at the first Full Terror Assault festival. Full Terror Assault is a three-day European-style open air metal festival to be held at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois later this year on Sept 10, 11, and 12. The event will feature over seventy bands spanning every genre of metal along with contests, vendors, a DJ after hours party, and more. Festival goers will be able to camp on-site and enjoy over 115 acres of nature with fishing, hiking, swimming, and other activities. Various ticket packages are available online with a buy-one-get-one-free special available through June 21st.

In addition to sponsoring the second stage, National Rock Review will also be providing on-site media coverage, which will include photographers, interviewers, and social media staff for live updates throughout the event. They, along with Coldcock Whiskey, will be providing a VIP/Artist/Press Lounge area where staff from other media outlets can conduct interviews, relax, and rejuvenate.

National Rock Review is a global music media publication that covers live concerts, conducts artist interviews, and reviews the latest in new music. With over ninety contributors across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, they provide more coverage of the rock and metal concert circuit year-round than any other publication.

The lineup includes the following artists: 6 Prong Paw, Abstruktor, Altered Existence, Apparition, Asphyxiator, Black Fast, Broken Hope, Cannabis Corpse, Cardiac Arrest, Carnivora, Coathanger Abortion, Condition Critical, Created to Kill, Dead In 5, Dead Shore, Death Grip, Deathbed Confession, Disinter, Drogheda, Eyehategod, Final Drive, Framework, Frosthelm, Fulgora, Get Ignorant, Gruesome, Headcrusher, Hellbent, Helmsplitter, Images Of Violence, Impaler, In Defence, Infalling, Inferia (FIN), Inner Seige, Iron Reagan, Kill It Again, Kill The Client, Legion Of Death, Lust Of Decay, Masticator, Micawber, Misery Index, Moistened Disciples, Murder Construct, Napalm Death, Nashville Pussy, Noisem, Obituary, Protest, Putrid Pile, Revocation, Rottenness (MEX), Sacrificial Slaughter, Scalafarea, Sexual Atrocities, Sikfuk, Skinned, SOG (Special Ops Group), Splitwig, Starkill, Superchief, Terrorizer, Testimony, The Dr. Orphyus Project, Thell Barrio (MEX), Ton, Tyranny Enthroned, Valient Thorr, Voltumna (ITA), Waco Jesus, Warbeast, Wrath, Wretchedpain (CAN), Xaemora

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Hailing from Boston and now residing in the Metro Detroit area, Mick has spent several years photographing concerts and interviewing musicians in the music industry. After spending a few years shooting and writing for, he founded and started the National Rock Review in the fall of 2013. Recruiting staffers from around the world, he has led the National Rock Review team in to a respected and established publication in the online music news/press industry in a short period of time.