The critically acclaimed progressive metal band Imminent Sonic Destruction set to headline FebruFury in 2016 at The Token Lounge.

After a successful tour providing direct support for Fates Warning in 2015, Imminent Sonic Destruction return home to headline a Michigan metal band showcase at The Token Lounge on February 6th, 2016. Originally formed in 2007 under the brief moniker Mellotrön_,  they quickly rose to the forefront of the local metal scene on the success of their 35 minute EP “And, go.” The diversity of their playing style reflects a wide variety of influences such as Devin Townsend, Frank Zappa, Rush, Symphony X and others. In 2011 they released their first full-length album “Recurring Themes” which was greatly received by music reviewers around the world.  Their technical prowess and intricate, complex song arrangements have drawn comparisons to several established prog-metal bands while maintaining a distinct personality all their own. There is certainly something to be said about the lead-singer/guitarist who rocks a sweater vest while sporting a Mohawked perm.

Hate Unbound are an no-frills metal band that fuses the dark essence of Detroit grit, tenacity and determination in to a ball of molten metal. The ferocity and passion behind their music is relentless, unforgiving punch in the face from start to finish. Having come in to existence only a couple of years ago in 2013 they quickly set the bar for what metal should be in a live act. The hooks in their tunes are so heavy that they create their own gravitational field sucking you in to orbit around a flaming meteor smashing all in its path. A three-song self-titled EP released in late 2014 was merely a blip in their nonstop touring schedule, such is the demand for them to appear live across the state and beyond. Look for their new release to come sometime in the next few months when they wrap up recording and leave a smoldering pile of rubble where the studio once stood.

If Michigan had a metal heart, it might just be located in Mount Pleasant, located in the center of the lower peninsula. This is where the explosive five-piece progressive metal band From Blue To Gray originate from who, even when not playing live, exude enough residual energy from their live shows to pulse even the farthest regions of the state. They are often referred to as one of the shining examples of Pure Michigan Metal and anyone who has seen their live shows would attest to that without hesitation. Their debut EP ” Into The Sun” released in 2012 sold over 600 copies across all mediums, achieved airplay on mainstream radio stations in the Midwest and launched them to the top of the Michigan metal mountain. This notoriety attracted the attention of renowned metal producer Jamie King, who convinced them to travel to The Basement Studio in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to record their new record with him. The band is now returning to playing shows again after they literally drove their old touring van into the ground.

Unapologetic. That is the only word truly needed to define what Kilbury Unit is all about. There are definitely lots of other terms often used to describe this Warren-based veteran thrash metal band, but that one sums it up succinctly. Sneering and seething they will take the audience and run them through a ringer of spike-filled riffs while delivering a sermon of bloody revolution. If the message isn’t loud, they’ll make it louder. Strap in, sit right and hang tight because the Kilbury coaster will take you for the ride of your life. All those nasty little things teeming just under the surface on that idyllic lake of life will surface. With fangs gnashing, hollowed eyes ripping into the core of your soul, claws shredding your skin, you will see at last what you have been conditioned to un-see in your daily consumerist brainwashing. Kilbury Unit makes a prison riot look like a romp in the park when the last guitar notes spark to a screeching halt. Keep your eyes and ears open as they are set to release a new studio album in the coming months.

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