An evening withádesert rock legend John Garcia, up-close and unplugged in London.

John Garcia takes a seat in his tan suedeásofa chair, tambourine in hand. Sitting opposite him is his good friend and talented guitarist, Ehren Groban. The coffee table between them is filled with whiskey, vodka, and a selection of mixers. Garcia looks atáthe red-lit backdrop with palm tree silhouettes and explains hisáintentions to bring the comfort of their Californian rehearsal studio with him on this tour.

Supporting the former Kyuss frontman, áSlo Burn founder, andáVista Chino vocalist is fellow Napalm Records artist,áBellhound Choir – a solo project by Christian Hede Madsen.

It’s day three of the European leg of their unplugged tour and Garcia humbly confesses how nervousáhe is, admittingáhe isáunable to hide behind a drum kit and heavy bass during such intimate acoustic shows. But as he kicks offáwith a stripped back Kyuss tracká”Phototropic,” Garcia’s distinctive vocals fill the room with an air of confidence thatádemands respect from any set of ears it graces.

Next on the list is the heavy Hermano’s tune, “Kentucky,” contrasted soon after by “Her Bullets Energy,” the closing trackáof his 2014 self-titled solo release. The studio versionáfeaturesáRobby Kriegerá(The Doors) with stunning Spanish guitar work. Tonight, Groban delivers theástoner flamenco vibes to an appreciativeáUnderworld crowd.

“I’m still fucking nervous,” Garcia says as he reaches for his pint glass and takes a sip of an orange concoction. He removesáthe topásheet of lyrics from theámusic stand in front of him and adds it to the growing pile on the rug next to his chair. Groban, who also plays in the Palm Springsápsychedelicárock bandáWar Drum,áperformsáan impressive instrumental before the pair blasted out Kyussáclassics including El Rodeo, Gardenia, and Green Machine.

With the end of the set approaching, Garcia takes requests from the buzzingácrowd. “Demon Cleaner” is aásolid contestant,áonly to be outbid by another heavyweight “Space cadet.” The crowd is singingáalong so loud Garcia can barely be heard. This is it; this is the kind of memorableáevening every music fan dreams of butánever imagines actually sharing with an idol.

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