Normally, metal needs a vocalist and three people minimum. Take four members, kill off the vocals and the bassist and you might have Tempel.

Following the Prosthetic Records release of their first effort in 2014, On the Steps of the Temple, Tempel is setting up for another shot at immortality. The group is Ryan Wenzel (Guitars/Keys) and Rich Corle (Drums) and will soon finish tracking new material at Wenzel’s Phoenix-area home studio, Arrowhead. The new release, The Moon Lit Our Path, is scheduled to drop Jun 16, 2015.

“The goal was to make sure everything was constantly moving in these songs. We didn’t want anything to interrupt the forward momentum. At the same time, we wanted to work in all the different types of metal we love that we didn’t feel were represented on the debut.” ~ Rich Corle

It is hard to sometimes review a strictly instrumental record. There happens to be five songs on this offering. And the total playing time is just a bit over 52 minutes long. Each person that gives this EP/LP monster length CD a listen will come up with their own favorite song the first time through.



Track Listing for: The Moon Lit Our Path

01. Carvings In The Door
02. The Moon Lit Our Path
03. Descending Into The Labyrinth
04. Tomb Of The Ancients
05. Dawn Breaks Over The Ruins


Illustrated by ~ Lucas Ruggierei

“Tomb Of The Ancients” gives you a sweet sound for the classical vibe of flamenco like guitar and leads you into a seamless transfer into a pure metal ending. While “Dawn Breaks Over The Ruins” has beautiful acoustic sounds that lull you into a small, trance like state before the manic rush of drum beats shocks you fully awake with the amplified axe support ringing in your ears. The rest of the tracks we’ll strongly recommend that you find out what twists, tempo changes, and surprises await for yourself.

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This is definitely an easy pick up to add to your MP3 player for needing the metal rush without all the screaming in your ear at the gym, thinking of all the crowd surfing you should have done at Rock on the Range this year, or just to play in the background for a change of pace. For you audiophiles, the Vinyl 180-gram clear, gate-fold jacket package includes digital pre-order of The Moon Lit Our Path. You get two tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released. The part that should get your attention is that only 200 albums will be pressed with this bundle. So, get it early… no, really.

“For us, this new album represents a big evolution in all aspects of our work. This is a heavier, yet more melodic album than our debut. It’s a clear representation of where we are musically. We poured ourselves into this album for nearly two years, and we have never been more proud of our music.” ~ Ryan Wenzel

And, as always, if you pick up the album, let us know what you thought of it.

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