Hailing from the mean streets of Detroit, Artificial Agent is a modern edged hard rock band with a touch of 80’s metal flare.

Artificial Agent is one hell of a powerhouse live band. They like to say they are “melting glam rock with heavy metal, one note at a time.” However, one might look at it as straight forward hard rock, combining both old and new school influences, to create a sound that is classic metal for a new generation.

This hard-working band is all about DIY, from the stage production they piece together, to their effort in the studio. They make their own costumes or have tailors create them from designs they draw up. Brad Jendza customizes his bass guitars with rhinestone, broken glass, and metal studs, while Karl Crafton applies his own drum wraps.

It is exactly this attitude which has made people stop and take notice. The band formed in the summer of 2010 and quickly made a name for themselves in the Detroit music scene.

Mike Elgert’s guitar work is reminiscent of the heavy simplicity of John Christ mixed with the delicate intricacies of George Lynch. Brad Jendza’s bass guitar rhythms are similar to old-school Kyuss mixed with a modern flare of Velvet Revolver. Derek Jendza snarls and growls out the words with such vigor that he sounds happy and angry all at the same time. And Karl Grafton is 100% rock n’ roll on his drum kit.

The band recently released their debut music video for the song “Master Blaster”, taken from their Brain Grenade album. The video was put together by the production team of Chris Chynoweth, Eric Swanson, Mike Sepp, and David Bandlow of BEAST Detroit.

National Rock Review recently caught up with Derek Jendza where he and Erik Heemsoth talked about the history of the band, their style of music, the albums they have released, their live performance, the new music video and what’s in store for the future.

Interview with Derek Jendza of Artificial Agent:


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