Michael Schenker talks Temple of Rock and the plans to continue sharing his music for many years to come.

Howie D. of Hard Edge Radio and National Rock Review was fortunate enough to get to chat with legendary German guitar player, Michael Schenker. Michael talked about his deep love for music, how he worries about his relationship with his brother, Rudolf, being jeopardized by having Francis Bushholz in his band after the recent issues with the Scorpions, his love for Dean Guitars, the new Temple Of Rock CD, and more.

Michael Schenker has pretty much done it all this last 40 plus years, from playing in UFO and The Scorpions to putting together some of the best solo records and side projects to date. Through the years and many accomplishments, he has shown no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Michael is currently touring the US with Temple Of Rock and the bands latest CD, Spirit On A Mission, is now available in stores.

It’s pretty safe to say that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Michael before it’s all said and done. The man is truly on a mission to share his talents and his love for the music. Please click below to hear the interview with Michael Schenker.

The interview with Michael Schenker:

Spirit On A Mission, the latest CD from Temple Of Rock:


Michael Schenker/Temple Of Rock:
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