Some genres should never cross. And then there are bands that make the genre cross over into whole new realms. Get your smoke on, partner.

Cypress Hill is as much a part of pop culture as they are of the California music scene since 2007. B-Real (vocals), Sen Dog (vocals), DJ Muggs (turntables), and Eric Bobo (drums) have come back together to produce the latest Cypress Hill album,Elephants On Acid, scheduled to be released some time this year.

Just recently, Sen Dog spoke with National Rock Review. We asked him a few questions we received from National Rock Review fans and talked to him about how the group can cross over at rock festivals like Carolina Rebellion. We also discussed ideas for the name of a Cypress Hill strain of cannabis, should they ever have one. To find out all those answers and more, you’ll have to hit play. If you get to see the new/old lineup, let us know how the show was.

Interview with Sen Dog of Cypress Hill:

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