Meetings are sometimes random and completely out of context. And, just once in a while, they can lead to amazing things later down the road.

Alexis Mincolla (vocals), Xavier Swafford (keyboards), Andrew Means (drums), and Chase Brawner (guitars) make up an industrial band from Los Angeles, CA that Tool and Primus fans will recognize from the bands’ January tour, 3Teeth. The band’s self-titled debut album, 3Teeth, was released in 2014

We managed to get Alexis to sit down in one place long enough to get a few questions into him on not only the Tool hook-up, the video game cover piece in some small old school, printed from trees, magazine, and even an interesting tidbit about the late David Bowe. For the rest, well, get your bowl of coke and bottle of Caduceus ready and listen to it yourself. When the guys finally get close to releaseing new music, it will definitely get a listen here at the National Rock Review compound.


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