Metal Blade Records 35th Anniversary show features a powerhouse set by Whitechapel with support from Cattle Decapitation, Allegaeon, Necromancing The Stone and BeyonDuplication.

This is how an anniversary should be. Metal Blade Records 35th Anniversary tour, headlined by Whitechapel with Cattle Decapitation, Allegaeon, Necromancing the Stone and Local group BeyonDuplication certainly lives up to everyone’s expectation.

On a backlit stage with almost blinding white lights coming from the stage sides, Whitechapel are welcomed to the Mercury Ballroom stage with a great roar. Capitalising on the energy in the room they launch into their opening songs, “The Saw is The Law,” “Faces,” “I, Dementia,” “Our Endless War,” “Mark of the Blade,” in a dominating way while barely stopping as they transition from song to song.  

Lead Singer Phil Bozeman is great tonight, delivering his powerful vocals while band members Ben Savage, Zach Householder and Alex Wade on Guitars, Gabe Crisp on bass and Ben Harclerode on drums are sharp and ferocious.

Whitechapel’s set draws songs from a number of albums including their 2016 release, Mark of the Blade as well as their 2014 album Our Endless War. Continuing with the dazzling display of brutal tracks and lightning fast riffs they progress with “Elitist Ones,” “Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation,” “Eternal Refuge,” and “Vicer Exciser,” with a fury that has the room buzzing.

While the circle pit is giving all they have, Whitechapel close their main set in a fantastic way with the riff dominant “Let Me Burn,” followed by “Section 8,” before ending with “Possibilities of an Impossible Existence”.

While the chants of “One More Song” roll throughout the venue, Whitechapel catapult into their lone encore song “This Is Exile” closing out a brutal and satisfying evening of metal and properly celebrating Metal Blade’s 35th Anniversary.      

By the time the house lights drop and Cattle Decapitation takes to the stage the fans at the Mercury Ballroom are ready to throw down. Coming out with a ferocity that only grows as their set progresses, Cattle Decapitation is dominating tonight. With his insane death growl, Travis Ryan leads the way through several songs from The Anthropocene Extinction album, much to the delight of the mosh-happy fans. Not to be outdone was the feverish guitar work of Josh Elmore with Derek Engemann on bass and David McGraw on drums nailing the riotous and chaotic rhythms, Cattle Decapitation creates a very memorable and satisfying set.

Tonight’s setlist: “Manufactured Extinct,” “The Prophets of loss,” “Your Disposal,” “Krokodil Rot,” “We are Horrible People,” “Circo Inhumanitas,” “Apex Blasphemy,” “Forced Gender” and “Pacific Grim”

Touring in support of their recent album “Proponent for Sentience”, Denver-based Allegaeon kick the evening up, into another gear. The quintet, fronted by singer Riley McShane along with Greg Burgess and Michael Stancel on guitar, Corey Archuleta on bass and Brandon Park on drums are high energy, hard and heavy from the word go.

Second, on the bill are Necromancing the Stone. From the opening chords of their first song, it is clear that the Louisville fans are in for a treat. Performing songs from their 2016 release, Jewel of The Vile, their set has it all, monster riffs, crushing rhythms and the colossal vocals of “Big” John Williams. Necromancing the stone is ‘Big’ John Williams (vocals), Justin ‘Justin’ Wood and James ‘Tone’ Malone-(guitars), Ryan ‘Bart’ Williams (bass) and Jeramie Kling ‘Diamond’ (drums).

Louisville show Promoter Terry Harper always seems to find great local bands to open his shows and tonight is no different. Scottsville, Kentucky-based metallers BeyonDuplication start the evening off in a great way. Their 30-minute set of original music includes songs from their Open Eyes album and features some soaring riffs and dominating vocals. BeyonDuplication is Zack Paul (vocals/lead guitar), Josh Harvey (drums), Daniel Parkhurst (rhythm guitar), Matt Harvey (vocals) and Chris Henry (bass).

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Event Date: 03-MAR-2017