Adam Ant makes it a Valentine’s Day to remember with a thrilling performance with opening act Glam Skanks.

Nothing says love is in the air on the most romantic holiday of the year like an all-female glitter rock band named Glam Skanks. The punk rockers are led by Ali Cat on vocals who sings, dances, and prances her way into the hearts of new-found fans.

With her engaging voice, mesmerising looks, and flair for performing, Ali quickly sets the tone of their set with songs such as “Teenage Drag Queens,” “Fuck Off,” and “Tube Tops.” Guitarist Veronica Volume (V) delivers blistering solos all night and is a force to be reckoned with on the axe.

The Black Sabbath inspired “Karma” gives Cassie the chance to lay down a wicked drum beat. Millie fingers her bass guitar while headbanging along with V while Ali lays on her back with her legs in the air. Ms. Cat again owns the stage on “Bad Bitch,” a title she proudly claimed as her own. The entire band makes the most of “Glitter City,” the last of their 10-song set. Their whole performance is well-received and, hopefully, their first time to perform in Texas won’t be their last.

Many fans fill the sold-out Majestic Theatre in classic 80s attire for Adam Ant. In a testament of the staying power of good music, a new generation of fans are also well represented.

The crowd stand and cheer when the venue goes black and yell louder when the lights reappear and the band is standing on stage. The star is decked out in classic pirate attire and immediately bathes the audience in an energy only a superstar can give.

Playing the entire Kings Of The Wild Frontier album from 1980 shows that Adam’s voice is as strong as it was 37 years ago. He was a tremendous performer back then but has grown into the consummate entertainer now. His acting roles during his 15-year hiatus from singing enhanced his showmanship.

The audience sings along to the three biggest sellers from the album – “Dog Eat Dog,’ “Antmusic,” and “Kings Of The Wild Frontier.” The dedicated audience knows every word as they have played it endlessly on their turntables.

The tight-knit band shows immense talent all night. Andy Woodard pounds a driving drum beat on “Ants Invasion” and “Killer In The Home.” Jola, the other percussionist, delivers a double helping of funk on “Making History.” Secret hand motions and gestures by the true fans are the rule on some of the deep cuts.

Ant talks to the audience after finishing the album then dedicates a Valentine’s Day love song in “Beat My Guest.” The crowd jumps in rhythm to the music and keeps moving to the double drum beat of “Christian Dior.” The fans take over “Stand And Deliver” and Adam mugs when William Crewdson thunders a guitar solo on “Vive Le Rock.”

Ant’s manic movements during “Cartrouble” show he could have easily played Capt. Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He also shows his guitar skills on the next few songs, with drums and the other guitarists joining the jam session.

The first few notes of “Goody Two Shoes,” one of his 12 top-20 singles, raises the decibel level to a new high. The deafening cheers keep going for “Prince Charming,” the last song of the set.

The thunderous applause brings the band back for an encore and the crowd are rewarded with the hard rock “Red Scab.” They pay a stunning tribute to Marc Bolan and T-Rex with the classic “Bang A Gong.” A jam session during “Physical” finishes the night to an enthusiastic standing ovation.

Ever the entertainer, Adam puts on a theatrical show and delivers a powerful concert. Long-time fans who have bought many of his eight top 25 albums are thrilled to see him again after several years. The younger listeners who got to see him for the first time instantly became fans and he will no doubt influence another generation.

Thanks to the Majestic Theatre for their help.

Joe Guzman of National Rock Review was on hand to record the event.

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