The Los Angeles-based goth/punk artist deliver a hauntingly unique performance to fans in the Motor City.

27-May-2016: Dressed in black and sporting sinister like war-paint, Wednesday 13 delivered a pungent dish of hard-driving Horror Punk with a theatrical twist. Powerful riffs and a powerful rhythm section accompanied Wednesday’s hypnotic vocals. Diesel’s crowd accelerated from fist-pumping action into an old-school mosh pit.

Celebrating the band’s latest release — Monsters of the Universe: Come out and Plague — fans were surprised by a set-list packed with ghoulish goodies from the decades and drawing material from ten plus studio albums. Blasting the crowd with “I Walked with a Zombie,” “Come out and Plague,” “The Ghost of Vincent Price,” and “Serpent Society,” Wednesday 13 kept the horror show energized from start to finish.

The current tour line-up includes Wednesday 13 (lead vocals and guitar), Roman Surman (guitar and backing vocals), Jack Tankersley (guitar and backing vocals), Troy Doebbler (bass guitar and backing vocals), and Jason West (drums).

Whether you are a long-standing fan of Wednesday 13, or just now discovering this band, they include a musical surprise of which you may not be aware. Lead singer, Joseph Poole, better known as Wednesday 13, has fronted many musical projects spanning two decades. He has been the iconic front man in several horror punk theme bands, including The Murderdolls, Maniac Spider Trash, Gunfire 76 (a glam rock endeavor), and Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13.

Joseph Poole, aka Wednesday 13, is also an accomplished country music singer-songwriter having published two albums under the stage name, Bourbon Crow.  The Crow project, an entirely separate act, was recording and touring at the same time as Poole’s Wednesday 13 persona. As you can see, Wednesday 13 is a multifaceted and seasoned musician that brings it all together for a stunning live show.

Wednesday 13 is a concert bucket list event. You will leave, as did this author, with a haunting memory full of ‘spooktacular’ surprises that you won’t soon forget!

Wednesday 13
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