The Dwarves made punk rock history in Portland, OR, playing a sold out show to a rowdy crowd at the Sandy Hut, giving 2014 a proper send off.

The Dwarves and the Queers have blazed their way across the states on their way to Seattle. They closed out the year with Fang and the Derelicts on New Year’s eve.

Kicking off this particular event, My New Vice took the stage. The crowd quickly filled the room, and not a single person was standing still. Wrapping up the evening with, “Guns in Sway,” and “Dead Never Lie,” it’s is no wonder My New Vice is gaining international respect for their work.

As the Sandy Hut crowd settled down for the next act, Punk veterans, The Dwarves, hit the stage and whipped the crowd into a riotous frenzy.   As The Dwarves played, front man, Blag Dahlia, belted out fan favorites starting with, “How It’s Done,” “Get Up and Get High,” and, “Like You Want.”

Audience participation is always encouraged and members of the crowd got up to sing from Blag’s mic as fans made their way around the room. With every pumping fist, push and shove, there was nothing but love for the band in the pit.

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