Icelandic post-rock legends, Sigur Ros enchant the Louisville Palace theater with a musically and visually stunning performance.

Sigur Ros, one of the most sought after groups touring the United States, makes a highly-anticipated tour stop in Louisville.

The buzz in the Louisville Palace lobby before tonight’s show is a combination of anticipation and admiration as many in attendance have traveled many miles, jumping at the rare opportunity to see Sigur Ros perform live.

As the house lights fall Jón þór Birgisson (lead singer/guitar), Georg Holm (bass) and Orri Páll Dýrason (drums) unassumingly take their positions to a rousing ovation.  Immediately, everyone politely sits down and settles in for the spectacle that is about to unfold on stage.

Over the next 45 minutes or so Sigur Ros roll through set one of their performance with an expertise and finesse that is stunning. Frontman Jón þór Birgisson spent the better part of the set sawing at his guitar with a bow, creating sounds that might come straight from heaven. Birgisson has an almost angelic falsetto range, whilst singing in the dreamy Icelandic or Volenska language.

Accompanying the music is a dazzling and mesmerizing light spectacle with accompanying imagery depicted on the scrim screen. It is almost unheard of to not to see a single cell phone or camera out, but it seems the display entire venue is focused on both the elegant sound and visual display coming from the stage.

Set one consists of   â€œÃ,” “Ekki Múkk,” “Glósóli,” “E-Bow,” “Dauðalagið,“ “ Fljótavík,” “Niður,” and “Varða” closing in a powerful with Georg Holm performing masterfully at the keyboards.

After a brief intermission, Sigur Ros returns to the Louisville Palace stage for their second and final act.  As the scrim screen rises, the three members are center stage, saturated in blue, surrounded by a dramatic series of linear light bars as they start with “Sæglópur.”  The lighting, the classical elements in the music, the ethereal quality of the vocals gives this performance an other worldly vibe as they roll through “Ný Batterí,” “Vaka,” “Festival,” and “Kveikur”, fully captivating those in attendance. 

Putting a huge exclamation point on the set and the evening, Sigur Ros closes with “Popplagið”.  Starting out calmly enough, the song builds intensity rapidly, climaxing with an incredible crescendo. A veritable musical fireworks erupts on stage,  complete with strobes firing and lights flashing drawing a deafening standing ovation.

As the house lights come up Sigur Ros are back at center stage, smiling, clapping, tossing guitar pics to the crowd, graciously acknowledging the appreciation coming their way which is always great to see.

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Event Date: 13-JUN-2017

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