REO Speedwagon delivers a fantastic performance for a hungry Louisville audience with Tim Stop.

As the ever familiar opening guitar chords and drum beats of  “Don’t Let Him Go” fill the Louisville Palace, everyone is immediately on their feet, fists in the air, and singing along. So it begins; a fantastic and memorable evening with REO Speedwagon lies ahead.

Capitalizing on the immediate energy in the room, REO rolls directly into a lively performance of “Music Man” and the party is clearly on! With Kevin Cronin now center stage, guitar around his neck, he starts off with the familiar line, “Heard it from a friend who…” as the guys launch into “Take It On The Run” before a rocking “Keep Pushin'” that has everyone in the room singing along.

With Neil Doughty at the piano, Kevin pokes a little fun at him about how the next song came to be and which wife it was that left him as they start “In Your Letter.” The band followed with another great REO song, “Can’t Fight this Feeling” that has the house lights up and the whole crowd singing the chorus, making it a great show moment.

With everyone in party mode, REO performed “That Ain’t Love,” and fan favorite, “Tough Guys,” before Kevin took a minute to introduce the next song. “This is a crazy election year and all of this negativity and hate being brought out,” said Kevin. “We have been traveling all over this country, and I’m here to tell you there is nowhere anyone would rather be than in the ‘Golden Country.'”

With only a few songs left in their set, Kevin starts us off with the familiar lines “I’ve been around for you, been up and down for you…” and a fantastic rendition of “Time For Me To Fly” fills the arena. Bruce Hall starts us off with a rocking bass solo as he leads us into an electrifying “Back On The Road Again”” before closing with one of the most identifiable rock n’ roll songs ever written, “Roll With The Changes.” That closed out a perfect set of REO Speedwagon classics.

As the guys take their positions for their encore, Kevin takes a seat behind the piano and shares a little about how the next song came about. One evening in 1980, Kevin just couldn’t sleep; he had these three simple piano chords going through his head. So he runs into the home studio and, well, their lives haven’t been the same since. The three chords?  REO Launches into huge favorite, “Keep on Loving You.”

He took a quick moment to mention the impact that guitarist Gary Richrath had on REO and dedicated the next song, “Ridin’ the Storm Out,” to him. REO closed their evening with a powerful cover of Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold,” bringing a fitting end to a fantastic evening of rock music.

The evening was spectacular; a classic REO Speedwagon show. The band seemed to be having such a great time and were all smiles the entire evening. Based on fan reactions after the show, everyone was more than pleased.

Opening the evening was singer/songwriter Tim Stop. Starting off behind the keyboards, Tim played a couple of original songs before ending his main set with a Michael Jackson cover of “The Way You Make Me Feel.” The house production manager gave Tim a personal encore request which ended up being a great cover of “Walking in Memphis.”

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