Sum 41 brings the Does This Look Infected 15th-anniversary tour to Las Vegas.

Judging from the near-capacity crowd on a Thursday night, it is clear Sum 41 has been missed by the fans.  The Brooklyn Bowl is packed including all the bowling lanes booked, which is not something that you see often.  The fans are here and ready to see the anniversary of Does This Look Infected.  From the time this show was announced it was highly anticipated, but it’s doubtful many were expecting such a turnout, though it was refreshing to see especially for a weeknight.  The crowd is a mix of longtime fans there to remember one of their favorite shows of their younger years and a lot of newer fans who have discovered Sum 41 recently.  The curtain drops and the crowd is showered with confetti from the giant cannons at the front.  Deryck Whibley takes the stage looking the same and immediately reminding the fans what they have missed.

They open with “The Hell Song,” which is also the opening track for Does This Look Infected.  About halfway through the song, Whibley invites some “friends,” fans from the crowd, up on stage.  These lucky fans explode out of the crowd eager for this opportunity.  At this point they begin to play “My Direction,” and it becomes clear this is not going to be like other anniversary shows where the band plays the album start to finish, which Whibley does explain later.  This is a unique take on an anniversary show and the crowd loves it.  Spurred on by their initial invitation to the stage they continue to crowd surf in an attempt to reach the front and many do.  This intensity from the crowd continues all night.

Whibley hasn’t changed in the time off, he is still full of intensity and talks up the crowd in between songs.  Dave “Brownsound” Baksh rejoined the band in 2015 and he is featured early on in the set when Whibley talks to the crowd about their love of metal and that they want to play some metal but not “Sum 41 metal.”  At this point, Baksh leads the band in a Metallica medley which the crowd moshes along to.  Baksh isn’t the only member to be featured.  Frank Zummo has a drum solo Linkin Park medley which the crowd loves. Linkin Park was featured before the set and it was nice to see it continue here.  

The night continues on with all the songs everyone wants to hear and expects including “All Messed Up,” “Blood in My Eyes,” and “Over My Head (Better off Dead),” which the crowd really love.  There are also some surprises including a cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” and “Another Brick in the Wall” as the intro to “Billy Spleen.”  Eighteen songs and a three-song encore pass too quickly for many fans, while others are exhausted since they didn’t stop moving or crowd surfing all night.  It is clear they appreciate this night of music made even more so when Whibley comments that they aren’t even supposed to be on the road and that they are supposed to be in the studio recording new music but they couldn’t let this anniversary pass.  The fans clearly appreciate that.  This is the second to last night of the tour and Sum 41 delivers everything that was expected of them and more.

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Event Date: 24-MAY-2018

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