The Stone Temple Pilots rolled away the baggage and controversy they recently endured with their previous lead singer Scott Weiland, and delivered a crushing performance at Pop’s in Sauget, Illinois. Pop’s provided the perfect setting for pounding rock-n-roll in a most intimate setting.

STP performed without a hitch and they came ready to play well. The band expressed elation as the burden of recent events over the status of the band faded into the past.

The choice of Chester Bennington for lead singer from Linkin Park fame was quickly affirmed by the groove of the band working together. This was a great fit for the band and they were ready to welcome Bennington into the fold. Bennington mastered the material bringing his own vocal strengths to the mix. Bennington worked up a sweat as the band chugged through monstrous riffs played by Dean DeLeo and bass maniac Robert DeLeo.

Robert Deleo was at stage right, tall and wearing police officer shades as he pounded away as the enforcer of bass. With over 20 years of music, Dean DeLeo scarred the ears with massive riffs and outstanding solos, with his trademark LesPaul axes. Drummer Eric Kretz also did excellent work keeping the massive dense sound of STP driving along on the interstate.

There was no conversation about the past, and life is too short to play rock-n-roll games with personalities. STP is on the right track and standing tall and looking good. The world of rock music will continue to look to this band to keep rolling along, and fans will not be disappointed as they continue their worldwide tour.

Concert imagery by Colleen O’Neil

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