Finnish Power Metallers Sonata Arctica take Louisville by Storm with Delain and Locals, Hydrawolf and Solar Flare

Returning to Louisville for the first time in nearly eighteen months, Sonata Arctica rolled onto the Diamond Pub Concert stage to an appreciative and welcoming room full of fans. Lead Singer, Tony Kakko, and the guys wasted no time started their evening off in a great way with the outstanding “The Wolves Die Young,” followed by “My Land,” and “Full Moon.”

With the room engaged and wanting more, Sonata Arctica treated the fans with favorite “Kingdom For a Heart,” “Tallulah,” and “Blood” with their fans singing along.

A highlight of the night was the performance of “White Pearl, Black Oceans”; the song is so intricate and complex and tells such a great story, albeit it a sad one. It was powerful to experience live and a great show moment.

Sonata Arctica finished up their twelve-song set with outstanding renditions of “Replica” and “I have a Right” before ending with “The Cage,” but they were clearly not done!

Their two song encore started with “Destruction Preventer.” Before starting their final song, Tony addressed the room offering their appreciation to fans who came out to see them and the support artists. His said, “Thanks for … buying our records, coming to our shows and supporting us. It has paved the way for where we are now. Keep buying tickets and supporting live music so awesome musicians can keep bringing live music to people in the future.” It was a powerful and sincere message.

Sonata Arctica closed their fantastic show with “Don’t Say a Word” and stayed on stage afterward high-fiving and acknowledging fans; it was another great show moment.

Sonata Arctica is Tony Kakko (vocals), Tommy Portimo (drums), Henrik Klingenberg (keyboards and keytar), Elias Viljanen (guitar), and Pasi Kauppinen (bass).

Providing the main support for the evening was Dutch symphonic metallers, Delain. Delain opened their ten-song set in a powerful way performing “Suckerpunch,” the first full song from their new EP, Lunar Prelude. They followed with ”Get the Devil Out of Me” and “Army of Dolls,” also from the new EP.

The crowd was enthralled with the Delain set, but it was Charlotte Wessels (Charlie), Merel Bechtold, and Timo Somers, who seemed to be having the best time. They smiled and interacted with the fans throughout the set.

Delain’s set included additional songs from the Lunar Prelude, including “Turn the Lights Out,” “Here Come the Vultures,” and “Don’t Let Go” before closing with fan favorite “Not Enough.” The played a great set and satisfied all of the Delain fans in attendance. It should be noted that bassist, Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije, was not on stage tonite.

Delain is Martijn Westerholt-Keyboards, Charlotte Wessels-Vocals, Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije-Bass, Timo Somers-Guitar, Ruben Israel-Drums and Merel Bechtold-Guitar.

Second on stage was Owensboro, Kentucky-based melodic death metal group, Hydrawolf. Their set included “Gospel for the Blind” and “Scourge of Time” off of their Greatest Hits: Consumed album released in 2014. Their set was solid and full of energy. Frontman Ozzie Munoz was out-of-control on stage.

Hydrawolf is Ozzie Munoz (vocals), Briscoe Horrell (guitar and vocals), Flynn Horrell (guitar), Matt Eaton (bass and vocals), and Bryan Campbell (drums).

Opening the show tonite was Amelia, Ohio-based metal group, Solar Flare. Their hard driving, hair whipping, thirty-minute set was fast and furious. They performed “Nou Sommes,” an original song about the Paris attacks. The track will be included on an upcoming album. They closed with a cover of Iron Maiden’s, “Hallowed Be Thy Name.”

Solar Flare is Ethan “Loki” Jackson (lead vocals), Jake Decker (lead guitar), Dylan Taylor (lead guitar), Jeff Ables (drums), and Jimmy Alexander (bass).

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