Saliva rocked Detroit for the Only the Sickest Survive 2017 tour, bringing along The Everyday Losers and Core Effect to shake Saint Andrew’s Hall to the core.

Opening the night is Core Effect. These heavy-hitting Detroiters formed in 2004, and have been gaining speed ever since. With a handful of recordings under their belt, they are currently celebrating their latest album Ethos.
They meld progressive rock with a groovy, hook-heavy beat that is infectiously fun. Randy Riddle and John Keffalo harmonize perfectly while thumping on bass and spinning on guitar, respectively. Joe Keough is stoic in his stance, letting his guitar work do all the talking. All the while, Athear Najor ties everything together on drums. They made sure to play their bigger hits such as “Decision”, “Level”, and “No Time for Killin'”. These guys work fantastically together and made a great start to the night.
Ethos is available now on iTunes.

Hitting the stage next is The Everyday Losers. This hard rock band from southern Indiana combines heavy rock and 90s alternative for a refreshing fun sound. They have shared the stage with Smile Empty Soul, Black Stone Cherry, Future Leaders of the World, Jackyl, and performed at Rockapalooza with national acts Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. In July 2016 they released their second full-length album Before You Say A Word, and celebrated the release of their live album Feedback in The Key of E back in April.

These guys are pure high octane energy the entire time they’re on stage. Dylan Seidel took control of the stage as frontman, his voice as powerful as his guitar riffs. Tyler Seidel thrashed on guitar, throwing himself around the stage, falling to his knees multiple times. Danny Norton thunders on bass, pulling the crowd in. Damian Baker is a hurricane on drums, screaming to the crowd, getting everyone hyped up, all as he never misses a beat.
They kept their set focused on their two more recent studio albums. The crowd got a healthy dose of their 2014 album Revel in the Chaos with “Scream,” “Outta My Head,” and “You’ve Got War.” And not to forget their latest Before You Say A Word with “I Like It,” “Bleedâ,” and “Against Myself.” Closing the night with “Loser” and “A.P.F.S.E.,” Dylan Seidel amped up the crowd for Saliva as Baker leaps out into the crowd in classic rock star style.
Before You Say A Word and Feedback in The Key of E (Live) are both available on the band’s merch site.

With the crowd roaring, Saliva took the stage. With Wayne Swinny flashing the horns, they leaped into “Superstar”. These rockers from Memphis, TN have been around since 1996, and only get better with time. They have cemented themselves in the world of rock with their love of heavy riffs, powerful choruses, and frenetic live performances.

Saliva has toured the world with bands including, Sevendust, Aerosmith, and KISS. They’ve also appeared on the main stage at countless fairs, festivals and bike rallies Sturgis, Rock on the Range, and Welcome to Rockville to name a few. They have faced a few changes in their history, bringing in Bobby Amaru on vocals in 2012, and introducing Brad Stewart on vocals in 2015. These changes have given the band a new life. Their current tour is in celebration of their ninth studio album, Love, Lies and Therapy.

Clad in his cowboy hat and sunglasses, Wayne Swinny oozes power as he towers over the crowd; his guitar work is primal and dizzying. Brad Stewart is a perfect match with the band; his bass throbbing to the beat. Bobby Amaru continues to bring his own aggressive spin to Saliva hits and their newer material, his voice meshing brutal and soulful tones. Paul Crosby is the pillar of the band, his drums crashing.

The crowd was completely enthralled with the show. Amaru mentioned between songs that it was Stewart’s birthday, to which the crowd immediately went into a messy rendition of “Happy Birthday” for the bassist. It was a fantastic energy.
The band made sure to include their biggest hits like “Ladies and Gentlemen,” “Always” and “Click Click Boom.” They also made sure to cover highlights from their extensive discography with “After Me,” “Rest in Pieces,” “Survival of the Sickest,” and even threw in a heart pounding cover of AC/DC’s “T.N.T.” Rounding out the night with fan favorite “Your Disease,” it’s obvious as to why this band has stood as long as they have, and shows no signs of slowing down.
Love, Lies and Therapy is available now at the band’s merch site.

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Event Date: 15-JUN-2017

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