Thrash metal bands from all across the Chicago area, as well as the American South, convened for a bloody scrap.

Chicago thrash metal enthusiasts gathered at the great Cobra Lounge for an evening filled with bands on the vanguard of American aggressive music.

Kicking off the evening came Savagery. The four-piece thrashers hailing from the north-west side of the city unpacked all the punches to get the night off on the right note. The band is now entering its fifth year of existence with two independently produced EPs that have earned them a loyal following in the Midwestern scene.

Next came the newly-formed Living Terror, joining in on the lineup from Plano, Illinois. 2015 marked this group’s inception though their performance had the seasonings of a well-matured brew of music. To date, the band has one demo to their name as they begin to tour and conquer the sonic scape. Fans across the central US should keep an open ear for all of the new material spilling from this outfit.

Reign took to the stage shortly thereafter. As a three-piece, they have already shown their fearless ability to combine progressive timing and techniques to their thrash style while still reigning it back to headbanging simplicity. Now, armed with a second guitarist, they have pushed their sound forward into a new dimension. They have an aggressive performance schedule in place for the spring concert season in Chicago. One can only count the days until they are a household name.

And then came the band that can combine elements of punk and thrash with fresh ingredients of American black metal: All Hell. This trio comes to us all the way from Asheville, North Carolina. Their presence is authentic: their frontman wears the spiked gauntlets that one would expect from a black metal band; the bassist comes alive with jeans and a black band t-shirt; the drummer thumps away on his kit wearing no shirt and tattoos exposed. Together their synergy gels musically under the candlelight and incense of the altar that they burn atop their gear. All Hell is now in their third year with already two LPs to their name, the latest of which produced by HPGD Productions.

Finally, coming up from the depths of Atlanta, Georgia, Chicagoans took on Sadistic Ritual. The band spared no expense at ripping into the crowd with true-to-form thrash guitar rhythms, slamming drums, and vocals reminiscent of evisceration. They are currently touring on their recent Edge of the Knife EP (2015) from Unspeakable Axe Records.

With tracks like, “Morbid Genocide,” and, “Restless Dead,” one can easily expect lots of blood to flow while enjoying SadRit’s music. In fact, during a guitar change in the middle of their set, guitarist Alex Parra prominently displayed his blood-spattered axe upon which his fingers shredded for the final third of the band’s set. If you seek raw and recent thrash music, look no further than Sadistic Intent.

The night ended with bleeding ears and smiles all around from concertgoers.

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