After a two and a half year hiatus, Virginia Beach death metallers Waiting Mortuary return with support from Vomit Stain, Barabbas, and Murder.

08-July-2016: In the Hampton Roads area, there are few metal bands who have made as much of an impression on the scene as Waiting Mortuary. The band, Terry Steel on (vocals), Ryan Anderson (guitar), Anthony Gadzalski (bass), and Andrew Bancroft (drums), we’re known for their over the top stage performance. Corpse paint and blood-letting, along with harsh music and aggressive stage presence had earned them a loyal following.

From 2008 to 2013, they played hard through several states and opened for such bands as Call The Paramedics and Nile. Their last show was November 23, 2013 where they supported Cannabis Corpse and Eat The Turnbuckle. A Facebook post dated September 16, 2014 stated the band was done leading to great disappointment among their fan base. The guys went their separate ways to solo projects and other bands.

On June 10, Terry surprised fans in a Facebook post announcing the return of Waiting Mortuary with a show on July 08 with Corey Millet of Applaud The Impaler joining the lineup as the second guitarist.

Murder, a grind band from Chesapeake, started the evening off with a set from their yet to be released album. Most in the attendance had never seen Murder before and were glad they showed up early. The crowd responded with cheers and a circle pit.

Up next, from Chesapeake, was death metal act, Barabbas. The band dialed up the intensity level playing songs from their March 2016 demo and earlier material. Stephen Lally of the band Of Tyrants filled in on drums for Anthony who could not make the show. Fans hardcore danced and the pit remained busy through the set.

Richmond’s death/thrash masters, Vomit Stain, kept fans moving as they played songs from their March 2016 split with Organ Trail, including “Genital Maceration” and “Pneumonic Dysentery.”

But the night belonged to Waiting Mortuary, and after some minor technical issues with the monitors, they gave the crowd what they wanted. Although Anthony was not part of the show, Terry announced that he was part of the band and would be playing in the future. The addition of Corey on guitar proved a good decision as the band played songs from Heavens Descent Unto Ashes. The crowd responded accordingly with fans headbanging and singing along up front and the pit going full force. Waiting Mortuary is back!

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