The three metal powerhouses Rammstein, Korn, and Stone Sour draw a huge crowd full of anticipation. 

The one-off show of this tour with Rammstein is packed from the beginning, which is expected with acts of this caliber.  The night starts off with Stone Sour. With their low-key stage setup, people aren’t sure what to expect but they are hit with explosive energy led by frontman Corey Taylor of Slipknot fame. Stone Sour doesn’t need anything else to captivate the crowd.  A surprisingly heavy set is broken in the middle, in a good way, with an acoustic number by Taylor.  This is delivered in his signature style which flows into arguably their biggest hit, “Through the Glass”, which has the other members joining in individually. It is a highlight of the set.  After an hour the crowd is ready for what comes next.

Korn is a band that changes their stage show every tour and this one is no exception.  A wall of video light cubes, taller than the average man, is behind the band which creates amazing visuals for Head, Fieldy, and Munky to be situated in front of along with one of the tallest drum kits.  In the center, Jonathan Davis with his signature microphone stand commands the stage.  Korn doesn’t mess around with the setlist, they open with the lead single from their newest album “Rotting in Vain” then pepper their set with many favorites including “Y’all Want a Single,” “Freak on a Leash,” “Blind,” and “Twist.”  Like they typically do, they choose to forgo banter with the crowd to deliver as much music as they can in their allotted time.  The only disappointment is they play about the same length as Stone Sour.  While they played a lot of songs in their set the crowd would have appreciated a few more.  With that, it is time for Rammstein.

Rammstein doesn’t tour the United States often and this is one of only four US shows. People expect a lot of pyrotechnics from Rammstein and this show is no different.  Pyro lights the arena before the band even takes the stage.  The curtain drops and the stage looks like something out of an industrial revolution setting.  Till Lindemann prowls the stage delivering the lyrics flawlessly while playing to the crowd.  The set includes songs “Du Hast,” “Sonne,” and “Hallelujah” and the crowd is on their feet for the whole evening.  There is this underlying curiosity about what stunts will be pulled tonight.  This show delivered tons of pyro, flame throwing guitars and face-masks, a sparking arc that was spun around the stage, cascading sparks sent showering down onto an old bathtub, and an exploding vest worn by Lindemann to name a few.  The industrial theme along with the pyro creates a great visual and brings an overall theme to the show, but it seems as if the fans still want more.  For a band that rarely tours the United States this show deliverers what is expected and at the same time leaves the fans hungry for the next dose of Rammstein.

Photos by Al Powers for T-Mobile Arena.

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Event Date: 01-Jul-2017

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