The Quireboys prove tonight they are one of rock and roll’s most energetic, entertaining and fun party bands of the past three decades.

Opening the show tonight are six piece Norwegian hard/classic rock band Souls of Tide. They are based on a classic rock sound, but with splashes of heavier rock and metal all within the same song. It is hard to pinpoint an exact genre. They do win over the Glasgow crowd with old school rock numbers like “Faith”. On the other hand, “She’s Dead” has a Motorhead kind of feel at the start, mixed with some Led Zeppelin. Bass player Øyvind Strõnen Johannesen is very charismatic and plays to the audience. The band’s frontman Vegar Larson has a great vocal range. “Spray Tan Magic” has some great riff work and the band get to jam a lot during this song to great effect. Souls of Tide finish with the hard rocking “Easy Love” and try to get the Glasgow crowd to sing along.

UK based outfit Last Great Dreamers, are the precursor to the main event, and tip their bowler hats and outfits towards seventies glam-tinged rock. With a huge nod towards the likes of T-Rex, Mott the Hopple, The Clash etc, sprinkled with a dash of punk in places. The band delivers a set packed full of infectious numbers like “Lunacy Lady”, “The Way We Collide” and “You Don’t Work”. The Glasgow crowd seems to take to the band during “White Light Black Heart”, there are nice vocal harmonies here, with a fantastic groove that entices the audience to sing along. Last Great Dreamers end their set with a heavier glam/punkish sounding “Dope School”.

A bagpiper walks onto the stage to play The Scottish national anthem before The Quireboys take to the stage to a warm welcome from the Glasgow audience. The band begin with the brilliant title track from their latest album Twisted Soul. “Too Much of a Good Thing” sees Spike, dressed in his trademark head bandana, throwing his mic stand around like the true rock and roll showman he is. The whole band look like they are having a blast tonight.

As The Quireboys launch into “There She Goes Again” the venue’s atmosphere is already at fever pitch, with lots of smiling people in the audience and the band in excellent form and full of swagger. ‘Let me see your drinks in the air’ Spike announces to the crowd before an electric version of “This is Rock and Roll”. The party has officially started. A very slight technical error occurs and Spike jokingly explains he hasn’t been to a soundcheck since he was young, around 12 years old, as the band proceed into the beautiful “Mona Lisa Smiled”.

Drummer Dave McCluskey and Nick Mailing on bass form a devastating rhythm section which perfectly accompanies Spike’s gritty vocals. From here on in the band treat Glasgow to a lot of the popular fan favourites and the crowd get to really let loose hanging on every word of the classic “Hey You”. Things slow down again for a heartfelt rendition of “I Don’t Love You Anymore”.

‘The reason we are on early (the curfew is 10 pm tonight) is that I’ve never been so close to a bar, but yet so far away’ Spike jokes. “This is something for those who have ever been married’ he further adds, before the band launch into “Roses and Rings”, the crowd sing in unison.

The band end the set on an almighty high as Spike asks the crowd what time is it? It’s time for the song “7 O’clock”. Of course, the audience knows what is coming next and dancing ensues. With fantastic guitar work from Guy Griffin and Paul Guerin, the pair plays off each other effortlessly all night long. Keith Weir on Keyboards provides a lot of soul, jazz, funk and other nice touches. Spike also brings out his harmonica to great effect. It is perhaps the highlight of the night.

After a short break, the band return to the stage and continue their high-energy rock and roll show with “White Trash Blues” before bringing the night to a close with the sultry and groovy “Sex Party”. The Glasgow audience don’t need a second invitation to scream along at the top of their voice. Spike thanks Glasgow for keeping the rock and roll spirit alive and will see everyone at the bar.

The Quireboys are very tight and on fire tonight and have great chemistry. Spike is the very definition of a soulful, energetic, charismatic, highly entertaining frontman who lives and breathes rock and roll.

Long live rock and roll and long live The Quireboys.

The Quireboys
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Event Date: 21-APR-2017

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