The ReAktion have released a new lyric video for their track “10 Steps To Success.”

Originating in Santiago, Chile, the alternative rock band The ReAktion has accompanied “10 Steps to Success” with a lyric video. The video was released April 7 in light of the song’s popularity and in anticipation for their upcoming album SELKNAM; the release date has yet to be announced. The blend of rock, metal, and electronic sounds gives fans a rare listening experience. The video uses strong fonts, electrifying images, and intense transitions to match the song’s elements and message.

Members of The ReAktion have used their talents to spread messages through their songs. The band covers topics such as social movements, environmental awareness, and unity in hopes of sparking consciousness in their fans. Their achievement as a band extends beyond a unique sound and reaches towards a unique message, a message that is spreading to South America, Europe, and the US.

Collaborations with Bob Erxin, the man behind Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and Sid Wilson have helped launch The ReAktion into the rock spotlight. Upcoming dates for an international tour in 2015 are to be announced.

For more information on their lyric video, album release, and tour dates visit their website.

10 Steps To Success lyric video

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