Grammy Award nominees Nothing More bring The Stories We Tell Ourselves tour to the House of Blues Chicago. 

The last time Nothing More performed in Chicago was at Riot Fest at the end of last summer. This time, they were back headlining their own show at the House of Blues. Despite it being a very early start due to it being an all-ages show, the Music Hall was crammed full of fans eagerly awaiting the moment they would take to the stage. The excitement was palpable and was matched in energy as Jonny and the boys began their set.

Nothing More have become more of a household name due, in part, to their nominations at the recent Grammy Awards for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Album, and are going from strength to strength. This recognition is seeing them performing at bigger venues as the headliners. They have previously performed at the House of Blues as openers for the likes of Periphery and Chevelle, but this time it was their turn to take the number spot. A spot they have more than earned. 

From the very first beat to the very last, the audience were hooked. Singer, Jonny Hawkins, puts on the most energetic performance, it is a wonder he has any breath at all to sing. Jumping all over the stage, one minute he is up close and personal with the front row of the audience, the next he is up on their homemade musical contraption, beating the drums, all the while not missing a single note. This ball of energy certainly knows how to entertain and hold the fans’ attention. It’s no wonder he made the jump from drummer to frontman of the band. The drumming has certainly been left in more than capable hands with Ben Anderson who made his presence known at the back of the stage, powerfully pounding away on the drums.

If you have seen these guys perform live before, you are sure to have seen what has become an integral part of their act – The Bassinator. Attaching onto the drum structure Hawkins was playing earlier, the Bassinator certainly adds a new take on the bass solo. First off, bassist Dan Oliver begins by playing the bass, before being joined by guitarist Mark Vollelunga, and finally by Hawkins, who beats on the bass with his drumsticks. With all three musicians playing the same bass as it is spun around, this certainly is a different, and impressive, sight to behold.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves tour continues throughout North America, with dates spanning through until May before they start the 2018 festival circuit over the summer. You keep hearing this band’s name for a reason – so get yourself along to one of their shows to see for yourself what everyone is talking about. 

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Event Date: 15-FEB-2018

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