I Prevail delivered a hard-rocking, holiday treat for hometown fans at The Crofoot with support from Sleepwave, Hotel Books, Bad Seed Rising, and Affiance.

Opening the evening was Affiance from Cleveland, Ohio, a metal band formed in 2007. They took the stage and immediately had the crowd energized. Affiance may have only gotten to play five songs, but made the most of it tearing through original material, such as “Kings of Deceit” from their 2012 release, The Campaign, and “Prsvr” from their current release, Gaia.

Affiance knows how to rock hard with pummeling drums and plenty of guitar shredding. Make sure to give them a listen and catch them next time they come to a town near you.

Affiance is Dennis Tvrdik (vocals), Brett Wondrak (guitar), Dominic Dickinson (guitar), and Patrick Galante (drums).

Bad Seed Rising from Baltimore, Maryland were up next and wasted no time getting the crowd moving. Vocalist Francheska Pastor was down in the pit greeting fans on the first song, and guitarist Mason and bassist Louey rarely stood still.

They played a brief, but enthusiastic and rocking six-song set that included songs from their new EP, Awake In Color.

Bad Seed Rising is Francheska Pastor (vocals), Mason Gainer (guitar), Aiden Marceron (drums), and Louey Peraza (bass).

Next up was the spoken word band, Hotel Books, from Porterville, California. Singer and founding member Cam Smith made it clear to the audience that it is spoken word and not meant to be compared to rap. Several of their songs were rock, but mostly have a mellow sound with ambiance. Their material was notable for hard-hitting, emotional lyrical elements to them with deep lyrics. Their set drew from several of their releases, including “Broke Love” from their latest Run Wild, Stay Alive.

Sleepwave from St. Petersburg, Florida hit the stage and immediately got the crowd fired up. Sleepwave is led by singer Spencer Chamberlain, who is also the singer for Underoath. Their sound blends elements of alternative, rock, metal, and electronic with obvious influences of bands like Nine Inch Nails and Filter with ripping guitars, powerful beats, and layers of electronic along with meaningful lyrics.

Vocalist Spencer worked the stage like a madman, moving front and back, side to side, and bouncing up and down, never standing still for more than a few seconds. The crowd was extremely receptive with loud cheers and many crowd surfing.

Their set consisted mostly ofnumbers from their debut album, Broken Compass, and included “Inner Body Revolt”, “Through the Looking Glass”, “Paper Planes”, “Whole Again”, “Rock and Roll is Dead and So Am I”, “Something in the Way (Nirvana cover)”, “Disgusted : Disguised”, “The Wolf”, and “Hold Up My Head”.

Sleepwave is Spencer Chamberlain (vocals), Stephen Bowman (guitar, keyboard), Casey Jago (bass), and Jesse Shelley (drums).

Anticipation was building for headliner I Prevail were about to take the stage. This show marked the end of this to which ended strong with a sold-out show in front of 1,100 hometown fans. The audience was already singing along loudly to songs being played between bands from the likes of A Day to Remember and Bring Me the Horizon. You could sense their fans were ready to explode as soon as their hometown heroes hit the stage, which they did as soon as the lights dimmed.

Singers Eric and Brian initially paused address the audience.  The stage set had a festive, holiday theme complete with a fireplace, Christmas Tree, and presents. After pointing out something that was not plugged in, Eric walked to back of the stage and took two plugs and connecting them. As he did, the lights went out and then they started flashing as the band jumped into “Come and Get It” from their 2016 release Lifelines. The crowd reacted with fever pitch cheers followed by an endless wave of crowd surfers and a circle pit in the middle of the main floor.

I Prevail have been touring almost non-stop for the past two years since they jumped onto the scene with their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”. They have built up a solid following though their 2015 EP, Heart vs. Mind, and their recent full-length album, Lifelines, which has been getting heavy rotation on radio station playlists.

They continued their set with several songs including recent single “Stuck in Your Head”, as well as “Already Dead” and “Chaos.” The crowd kept the energy in the room at an intense level with heavy crowd-surfing, moshing, and singing along to every song.

They took a short break from the music to draw the winners of a raffle for signed artwork and meet-and-greet with the band. One of the singers also asked the audience to crowd surf a drink to him. You can tell these guys have a great rapport with their fans and love to interact with and perform for them.

Now it was time for the single that put them on the map, “Blank Space”. There was probably not a person in the room who wasn’t singing along. I Prevail followed with “My Heart I Surrender”.

An emotional moment followed as one of the singers spoke about how a friend of his had recently tried to commit suicide. He encouraged everyone to call up three friends after the show if only to tell them you miss them. He also said his friend is ok.

Following a few songs from their EP, they closed out the main set with “Lifelines” from their current release.

After a short break, they returned to the stage and closed out the evening with “Worst Part of Me” and one of their most popular songs, “Scars”. It was an awesome performance by I Prevail and one that many of these fans will never forget.

The complete setlist for I Prevail was “Come and Get It”, “Heart vs. Mind”, “Stuck in Your Head”, “Already Dead”, “Chaos”, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”, “Blank Space”, “My Heart I Surrender”, “Crossroads”, “Love, Lust and Liars”, “Lifelines”, and the 2 encores “Worst Part of Me”, and “Scars”.

I Prevail are Brian Burkheiser (clean vocals), Eric Vanlerberghe (harsh vocals), Steve Menoian (guitar), and Lee Runestad (drums). They also have two touring members, Dylan Bowman (rhythm guitar / clean vocals) and Tony Camposeo (bass / backing vocals). Eli Alexander Clark from the band Fit For Rivals filled in as bassist on this leg of the tour.

I Prevail are taking a break from touring for a few months. However, they do have a few dates scheduled in Australia in late March and early April. They are also slated to play several of the big festivals next April and May including Welcome to Rockville, Carolina Rebellion, and Rock on the Range.

The staff at The Crofoot once again did a great job putting on an awesome show. A special shout out goes to the security staff who were busy up front with the crowd surfers coming over the barrier. They did an incredible job ensuring the safety of the fans.

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Event Date: 18-Dec-2016

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