Blink 182 headlines Musink 2015 with Yelawolf, Off!, Bad Religion, Sick of It All, and Rancid.

Musink 2015 has grown in many ways over the past few years, and this year provided several improvements. Orange County Fairgrounds hosted Travis Barker’s Musink again, but the venue had a slight shift to allow the bands to play in “the hanger,” a venue known for hosting many events including popular MMA fights.

This most notable shift was a critical improvement as the sound improved tenfold. It also provided visual improvements with the raised stage, allowing decent views from even the most distantly placed fans. Other improvements to the show included increased artists and vendors, with the classic car show placed between the artist buildings.

The ambiance was punctuated with tattooed music fans of all ages. Throughout the weekend many people were seen perusing the venue, from the artists who played to many Sullen artists such as Bob Tyrell, and other music artists such as Rick Thorne, Pete Dee from the Adicts, and Warren Fitzgerald of the Vandals.

Night one had The Interrupters opening. Highlights from this show included covering Operation Ivy very well. Sick of It All was up next, and the crowd swelled noticeably. There were many young people present at the show, with parents obviously supporting their children’s ventures into the pits, shouting advice and shoving them back into the punk playground.

By the time Rancid took the stage, the youngsters had found their legs and the classic fans took their places against the barrier or fringed the pit in punk-rock controlled chaos. We caught up with Warren F. of the Vandals before Rancid as he graciously took photos with fans while taking his own photos of the bands. He also noted the sound improvements of the venue shift.

Night two was more crowded, with Saturday being another beautiful day for a tattoo and rock show. After perusing the art show of skin art, the musical portion opened with Ignite. The Off! fans were thick as they next took the stage. They put on an excellent show and seemed excited to be beginning the tour.

Their energy really prepped the crowd for Bad Religion, whose fan base was even more intense as evidenced by singing fans. By the time Bad Religion took the stage, everyone was pumped. They put on a great show, as it is probably virtually impossible for them to disappoint.

Night three was really something else entirely. Blink 182 fans were in the gate as soon as it opened at noon, and despite the large hangar doors being closed were lined up all day. They sported Blink 182 shirts, flags, signs, and many different styles of tattoo. A few of them even entered the tattoo contest on Sunday, as it featured a musical category of art. There was a Travis Barker tattoo sported by a female fan that was incredible, as well as a freshly done forearm tattoo done on Saturday.

Prayers opened the show but it was really Yelawolf that began to pack in the fans. Once Travis Barker appeared to play drums the crowd was loving it, passing compatriots to and fro over the singing fans. He really put on a stellar performance. As Blink took the stage and Matt Skiba began to sing it was challenging to hear his voice over the boisterous fans, but his vocals broke through as the crowd pressed forward and crowd surfers were tossed about.

Travis Barker’s Musink has always been a treat for tattoo and music fans alike, but its marked improvements this time were appreciated by all. The open quality of the venue made for improved sound quality and visuals for the fans, and the spread of the tattoo artists between two buildings made access for everyone much better. We look forward to next year’s lineup.

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