Of Mice and Men play Las Vegas with Blessthefall, Cane Hill, Fire from the Gods and MSCW for a music-filled night.

Sunday in Las Vegas usually doesn’t have a ton of options for events outside of the standard showroom shows, but tonight is different.  Hard rock and metal fans are about to be treated to a music-filled night with a line up that is sure to be loud and heavy.  For that reason, the fans have turned out in force despite most having to work the next day.  On top of it, the venue is Vinyl which is cosy, to say the least, always delivers a great show.  

The room is full from the very beginning and those who have arrived early are treated to MSCW.  Her brief set showcases her musical style and you can see her Sunset Strip influences, which she highlights even more with her cover of a classic from Motley Crue.  Female-fronted bands are growing in popularity in the hard rock and metal community so it is nice to see one on this tour.  Fire from the Gods out of Austin, Texas are up next. This band blends the sounds of hip-hop and hardcore metal together.  Some songs definitely have more of a hip-hop reference but the genres blend and create their own sound.

Now we are getting into the three main bands of the night and the room is absolutely packed.  Cane Hill from New Orleans take to the stage.  New Orleans has a pretty thriving metal scene and these guys have been drawing crowds there for a while.  They have also been on a variety of other tours including Warped Tour two years ago.  This band is a straight-up American Heavy Metal band.  Being from New Orleans you might expect them to have a slightly Pantera sound and you wouldn’t be wrong, but there is also a clear influence from bands like Slipknot and old Rob Zombie.  These guys bust out a loud set and get the crowd moshing for the first time this night.  A good portion of the crowd was seeing this band for the first time and I believe many of them went on to purchase their latest album Too Far Gone.

After another incredibly short set change Blessthefall, a metalcore band from Arizona are up next.  With their sixth studio album, Hard Feelings, about to come out at the end of the month the crowd is treated to a track from this upcoming release, and with that the first crowd surfers of the night.  The set is fast-paced and high energy and the crowd is moving right along with the band.  Singer Beau Boken is in the crowd, on the barrier and overall in the face of the crowd and they love it.

It is now time for the main event Of Mice and Men.  This band have played Las Vegas quite a bit recently since the departure of Austin Carlile and they are developing quite a fanbase.  New frontman Aaron Pauley adds a totally different feel to this band but it is appreciated.  Of Mice and Men also have a new album they are supporting Defy which has been pretty successful on the charts.  The crowd that hasn’t stopped moving all night doesn’t stop now.  The mosh pit expands as the band play an intense set, including the title track “Defy,” “Warzone,” “On the Inside,” and “Bones Exposed.”  

Each of the bands played a short set, but no one is disappointed. There are five amazing bands tonight and everyone in the room has a chance to see at least one band they had never seen before, maybe more.  These bands left gaining a few fans and the crowd left horse, sore and riding on a high created from seeing five varying sets of hard rock and heavy metal.

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Event Date: 04-MAR-2018

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