Los Lonely Boys headlined and paid respect to guitar icon Stevie Ray Vaughan at a tribute concert with Alan Haynes, the Tommy Shannon Blues Band, and the Castaneda Project.

Music lovers in general and blues lovers, in particular, were out in full force for the 22nd annual Stevie Ray Vaughan Remembrance Concert. This year, the Southside Ballroom went all out to host the annual show that provides music scholarships to deserving students in the Dallas school system.

The organizers always present award-winning blues artists who are thrilled at the chance to honor the Texas Blues legend. Even though SRV passed 26 years ago, he is still a major influence on blues artists, especially in his native Texas.

Guitarist Alan Haynes, with bassist Jackie Newhouse, started the day with a solid set. His seven songs elicited a strong crowd reaction. The audience naturally roared when he played “Change It.”

The Tommy Shannon Blues Band came out next and took the excitement up a level. The former bassist for Double Trouble, Stevie’s original band, put together a power trio with David Holt adding powerful vocals. Their nine songs included “Little Wing” and had people dancing wherever there was room. Covers of The Madcaps and Johnny Guitar Watson kept the crowd on their feet.

The following band, The Chris Castaneda Project, was pure energy. The audience didn’t have a chance to slow down with the funky R&B hit “Lover’s Paradise” to the rock song “Get Me Off,” both from the Church 4 Lovers album (Amazon). Guitar and keyboard solos thrilled the crowd while drum and bass provided the backbone.

They brought eight-year-old Kade Alvarado up on stage and what the audience thought was a novelty act turned into a glimpse of a prodigy in progress. Every camera in the venue was focused on Kade as he wailed on “Pride And Joy.”

The band finished with an SRV song, some funk, and an easy listening tune that the drummer turned into hard rock. Their final song, “Cloud 9,” was rock, blues, hip hop, and funk all rolled into one and kept the excitement level high.

The crowd kept cheering as host Randy James of sponsoring radio station Lonestar 92.5 introduced the main attraction – Los Lonely Boys. Shouting, “We write songs in the key of SRV,” bassist Jojo Garza sang “Don’t Walk Away,” a bluesy song he called Mexi-Rock from their last album, Revelation (Amazon). His brother Henry supplied a penetrating guitar solo, as he did on most of their songs.

It was easy to tell the three brothers (including drummer Ringo) have been playing together for many years as they complemented each other in every way on “Blame It On Love.” A mesmerizing guitar solo turned into an extended jam in “Give A Little More.”

The versatile brothers from San Angelo switched genres to R&B for “So Sensual.” The rocking Texas Blues song “Cottonfields And Crossroads” as Henry tore into an emotional solo. The ensuing jam lasted several minutes and featured Ringo’s back beat that accompanied the song when needed and guided the song when needed.

The brothers then went wild with their ode to Stevie Ray. A heavy-stringed instrumental imitated his style by slapping the fret board for a different sound. Ringo sounded like SRV drummer Chris Slayton as his strokes encompassed solos, and both backing and leading the band.

The Brothers Garza all shined on “Pride And Joy” which segued into “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” They kept the affection going on “The House Is A Rockin'” and then a brilliant cover of “Voodoo Chile.”

They brought Kade back to the stage, and the young man showed off his SRV Slap when playing. Henry and Kade thrilled the crowd with a lead guitar duel before Jojo joined in for a Two and a Half Men front line of guitars. The headliners absolutely loved presenting the future of blues music to the crowd.

The fans began to slow dance as Kade led off their Grammy-winning hit, “Heaven,”  with each musician shining on solos that enchanted the crowd. As usual, the band finished their show with “Deep In The Heart of Texas.”

The annual concert has produced 209 scholarships thus far, with many more foreseen as the event grows larger every year. The organizers always schedule acclaimed artists as well as musicians who were close to Stevie Ray.

The opening acts all play extensively in Austin, with appearances in Dallas and Houston. Catch them when they’re playing.

Los Lonely Boys are currently playing one-off concerts until their new tour starts in early 2017. Check their website for cities and dates as they are announced.

Joe Guzman of National Rock Review was on hand to record the event.

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Event Date: 02-Oct-2016