Like A Storm and Royal Tusk take over the Shelter during their Detroit stop on the Octane’s Accelerator Tour.

The cold Monday night was vibrating with excitement as fans flocked to The Shelter. The smaller venue made for an intimate setting that would soon be booming with some high octane, heavy hitting rock.

Royal Tusk stormed the stage with the heavy hitting “First Time,” the opening track from their latest album Tusk II. This Canadian band is a show to see, high energy, engaging, and all around fun. They don’t fit any one genre, blending some heavy hitting metal with a pop punk edge that makes their sound all their own.

Their set was an homage to their 2018 album Tusk II, with “Freedom,” “Die Knowing,” “Northern Town,” “Stowaway,” and more, they went through almost the entire track listing. The outlier and one of the highlights of the night was “Curse the Weather” from their 2016 album DealBreaker. They close the night with a fun cover of Audioslave’s “Cochise” before ending the night on an all time high with their Tusk II “Aftermath,” packed with raw energy and grit. Royal Tusk is an absolute blast to see.

Like A Storm took the stage with “Pure Evil,” the hit track from the newest album Catacombs. The band had some pretty big setbacks to push through tonight. Bassist Kent Brooks did not perform due to flu that sent him to the emergency room. Singer Chris Brooks was on an IV the night before, as he was fighting the flu as well. Ever the professionals, the band made sure that show did not suffer as a trio.

The band put Catacombs on display with “Catacombs,” “Solitary,” “Until the Day I Die,” and “The Bitterness” while treating the crowd to the expanse of their musical catalog with “Wish You Hell,” “Alone,” “Become the Enemy,” and more. One of the funnest moments was when the band broke out into a cover of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise,” you will never hear anything like it.
Like A Storm has a signature sound that hits you square in the chest and pumping you full of adrenaline. What makes them stand out the most is vocalist Chris Brooks’ skills on the didgeridoo, Australia’s native instrument. The didgeridoo’s deep tones give the band an otherworldly powerful edge. The band ended the set with “Complicated (Stitches & Scars)” and the insanely popular single “The Devil Inside,” which brought out the didgeridoo again.

Never to disappoint, Like A Storm of course came back for an encore. The band finished the night with “Chemical Infatuation” and one of their biggest hits “I Love The Way You Hate Me.” The fans who braved the Detroit winter were blown away and sang along to every note.
Like A Storm has been quickly growing in popularity in the U.S. and is only getting bigger and better. These bands are a must see, no doubt about it.

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Event Date: 18-FEB-2018

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