Saturday night had everyone in Third Street Dive feeling alright as Lazy Ass Destroyer performed with punk friends Boner City, Godawfuls and the Jereactors.

Opening the show at Third Street Dive was Louisville’s local dirty, yet surfy, pop punk band Boner City. The group is comprised of three high energy vocalists; Booger Boner (guitar), Sally Boner (bass), and Handy Andy (drums). Their 13-song set included a cover of “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” along with many of the band’s original songs.

From Western Kentucky, the Godawfuls were next to take the stage. Their White trash Rock & Roll with a distinctive Punk theme was hard and fast. Their 30-minute high energy set included a number of punk influenced original songs, along with some classic rock and roll songs.

The nights headliner Lazy Ass Destroyer from Cincinnati was more than ready to take the stage. Their high energy mix of Electro Party Rock featured the rap and beat box stylings of Lazy D. Lazy D combined his set with the shedding and slashing guitar work of Krusty that was about all the Third Street Dive Stage could handle.  

With Lazy D behind the mic, and Krusty wearing a matching leather hood and thong, they started out hot. The set began with “Trouble Man,” “Watch Out,” and without missing a beat rolled into “Middle of the Night.” Over the next several songs Krusty was everywhere. He was out on the sidewalk in front of the venue, standing on the bar top, and getting dollar bills shoved into his leather G-string all while shredding through some wild guitar riffs. Lazy Ass Destroyer finished off their eleven-song set with hits “Whatcha Wanna,” “I’m a Bee,” and a sing along of “Fuck it!”

Closing out the evenings music was The Jereactors from Louisville, Kentucky. Their set of  Bilingual old style punk opened with a Eskorbuto cover of “Mucha Policia.” The group then performed a number of original songs including “Next Big Thing,” and “Mr. Beat ‘Em Up.”   They finished up their eleven-song set by being joined on stage by Lazy D for a raucous Beastie Boy’s cover of “Fight For Your Right To Party” to end the night on high.  The Jereactors are Lester Bolles (bass and vocals), Escoria Toxico (drums and vocals), and Jimmy Sh*thead (guitar).

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