Although summer has passed and fall has arrived, the outdoor music festival season would not be complete without the K105 Country Fest taking place beforehand. 

Throughout the late morning and early afternoon, tailgaters fill the parking lots surrounding Parkview Field, the minor league stadium for the Fort Wayne TinCaps, with pre-concert festivities that include barbecues and games waiting for the festival to begin inside.

As time approaches and the gates open, festival goers race to their desired locations to where they are going to enjoy the day’s musical entertainment.

Shortly after the ball field opens to the public, Brandon Lay and his band begin their performance as the first of nine artists to take the stage for the day.  The first six acts perform power acoustic sets before the final three perform their full complete shows.  Brandon starts out with covers like George Strait’s “Check Yes Or No” before dipping into some of his originals like “Speakers, Bleachers And Preachers” that is currently playing on Sirius XM’s “The Highway” radio station.

Next up is Christina Taylor, who entertains the crowd with her band by singing original songs from her new EP That Girl.  Along with the title track, Christina also includes her debut single “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt.”

Devin Dawson is accompanied by two guitarists in his band for the short acoustic set.  While starting off with his single “War Paint,” Devin halts his time on stage to call out for medics and asks for a few moments to allow for a person in the crowd to be cared for on this hot humid day.

As the trio on stage begins again, Devin sings his new single “All On Me” that is now also playing on Sirius XM’s “The Highway.”

Delta Rae travels right to center stage for their harmonizing vocals of The Eagles classic “Seven Bridges Road” as they stand semi-circular around a single microphone.  The crowd-pleasing quartet consists of Liz Hobkins, Brittany Holljes and her two brothers Eric and Ian.  The folk-rock band continues on with songs from their current EP A Long And Happy Life before ending with their title track.

Bringing the energy level up, the country-rockin’ Trent Tomlinson welcomes the crowd with his show opener “The Next Time.”  The singer-songwriter dances back and forth across the stage as he belts out songs from his 2006 debut album Country Is My Rock that blistered the charts in the mid 2000’s with singles like “One Wing In The Fire” and his debut “Drunker Than Me.” 

Spending more time as a songwriter lately, Trent includes his latest #1 single that he wrote for Brett Young called “In Case You Didn’t Know.” 

Completing his short set on this Sunday evening, Trent concludes with his own original hit “Just Might Have Her Radio On.”

The final artist to take the stage acoustically is Jacob Davis performing originals “James Brown,” “Detour To You” and “Real Love.”  As a singer-songwriter, “I Can Do It With My Eyes Closed” is a song co-written with his pals in Old Dominion. 

Describing the song “See Ya Around,” Jacob claims the song is about seeing your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend everywhere you go and how it is just a pain in the ass.  Jacob wraps up with his current single “What I Wanna Be.”

After a stage overhaul, the crowd favorite LoCash takes over the stage with the crowd erupting in cheers and fist pumps as they begin the high-energy set with “Ain’t Starting Tonight.”  LoCash is made up of Chris Lucas and Preston Brust.  To add to the crowd’s excitement, Preston announces that he is originally from Kokomo, IN which is 70 miles south-west of Fort Wayne and this is like a homecoming event to him.

Known as singer-songwriters, Chris and Preston perform the #1 singles they co-wrote for Keith Urban with “You Gonna Fly” and “Truck Yeah” by Tim Mcgraw.

Giving thanks to the staff at K105 FM for helping push to get their own first #1 hit, the crowd joined in in singing “I Know Somebody” before playing their current radio hit “Ring On Every Finger.” 

Chris instigates the crowd’s uprisings by taking a moment to discuss current affairs and the kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem.  The crowd begins to chant “USA” as he continues by giving praise to the police, firefighters, EMT’s and the military before playing their title track “The Fighters” from their current album.

The highlight of the day comes as Preston calls a young fan “CJ” up on stage to join them for their final song “I Love This Life.”  As the music starts, Preston grabs his guitar and places it around CJ’s shoulder and allows him to air-play the guitar with the rest of the band.  Chris also brings his microphone over to CJ so that he can also sing along.  At the conclusion of the song, Chris and Preston both autograph the guitar and hand it back to CJ before exiting the stage.

As nighttime falls and the stage lights brighten the sky, Frankie Ballard comes to the stage being “Young And Crazy” while getting the crowd back on their feet after a small break for stage set-up.  Known for his guitar playing, Frankie shows off a bit by sharing guitar riffs with his lead guitarist, Eddie Robinson throughout the show. 

After playing his hit “Helluva Life,” Frankie takes attention to his upbringing with the Johnny Cash cover “Big River” and his lifelong favorite artist Elvis Presley with “Hound Dog” and “Heartbreak Hotel.”  

Showing love for his home state and having the honor of touring early on with Bob Seger, Frankie added the single “You’ll Accomp’ny Me” to his set list along with his current album El Rio.  Frankie finishes his set with his hit single “Sunshine And Whiskey.” 

After eight earlier performers on stage, the time has finally arrived for the headliner of the day’s festival.  Trace Adkins, the six foot six singing giant approaches the stage singing “Songs About Me” before going “Chrome” with the top ten single.  Keeping the crowd dancing and on their feet, Trace performs hit after hit from his 12 studio albums.  

Showing thanks to the Fort Wayne TinCaps for allowing the use of their beautiful ballpark for the festival, Trace honors them with “Swing Batter Batter.”

Also having appreciation for the legendary Bob Seger, Trace shows his gratitude with “Come To Papa” before leading into his own single “Hot Mama.”

After the 1996 single “Every Light In The House” Trace thanks the crowd for allowing him to be on stage to sing and entertain the crowds for the past 21 years.  Claiming he doesn’t take it for granted, he returns back to his first single “There’s A Girl In Texas.”

Teasing some of the females in the crowd, Trace shows off some of his dance moves with “Ladies Love Country Boys” before stating “I Left Something Turned On At Home” and finishing off with “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”

Walking off stage, the crowd cheered on for an encore in which Trace obliged by returning for his confession “I’m No Angel.”

The K105 Country Fest ’17 was a success for their 10th annual event as the crowd left the festival grounds happy with the day’s activities and stage line-up.

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Event Date: 24-SEP-2017