John Corabi put on a heart-stopping, head banging show at the Token Lounge along with rock heavyweights Chrome Mollie, Resistance, Black Soul Swamp, Impossible Tuesday, and Kougaran.

Kougaran opened the night. This four-piece rock band from Rochester Hills, MI consists of Niko Puzio (vocals/lead guitar), Gino Puzio (drums), Luke Daniels (rhythm guitar), and A.J Jackson (bass). This young band has combined old school, British wave rock and roll, and the heavy rock of today. With popping bass, upbeat drums, and crisp heavy guitars, this young band puts on an amazing show. They have an ability to put together, danceable rhythms and sing-along choruses while still having the hard rock n’ roll edge. Kougaran are refreshing to hear and made for an awesome opening for the night.

Next up with Impossible Tuesday. This four-piece alternative rock band from Detroit consists of Gregg Reo (vocals/guitar), Dave Kincius (drums), Gerry Maciok (bass), and Jason Nays (guitar). Reo’s vocals are always packed with such raw emotion and power, which never fail to give a chill as you see him give his all live. The bass, drums, and guitar were in perfect harmony, varying from aggressive, fast and heavy to subtle, gentle and very melodic riffs and leads. Reo packed an extra punch into some of the songs by breaking out the megaphone. Their music is emotional and melodic, and hearkens back to the alternative metal of the 90s. The chemistry and collaboration between these four while continuously writing new material and playing to new fans and bigger crowds makes it obvious that this band is one to follow.

Black Soul Swamp took the stage next. This southern rock five-piece band from Detroit consists of Justin Babcock (vocals), Shawn Moore (guitar/vocals), J. Chris (guitar/vocals), Brian Germain (drums), and Shawn Busch (bass). With dirty riffs, crushing grooves, and heavy vocals and melodies, they have taken the hard working, blue collar attitude of the Motor City and mixed it with the swampy grooves of some of their family roots. Fans were treated to songs from the band’s new album Songs from the Swamp, Pt. 1 & 2 like “Brother,” “Feel The Rain,” and “The Rising.” Their gritty blues-based rock is well suited for Babcock’s soaring voice. With beautifully executed dual guitar, outraging drums, and brash heavy bass, these guys brought a whole new flavor to the night that the crowd loved.

Resistance took the stage next. This modern rock four piece band from Ypsilanti, Michigan is Lisa Stephens (vocals), Billy Gray (guitar), Jeff Sneary (bass), and Joe Spaly (drums). This band was organized chaos on stage and in their music. Vocalist Stephens was a born front-woman. Her stage presence is unique; the best way to describe her persona is that of a harlequin. Her cheery, jester-like dancing and million-dollar smile throughout the entire show captivated the crowd. She leaps seamlessly between haunting melodic vocals to guttural screams. Between the power of Sneary’s bass, the punch of Spaly’s drums, and the gnarly tones of Gray’s guitars, hearing their song “Lust” alone will make you a die hard fan. They are an electrifying and awe-inspiring band.

As the crowd continued to grow, it was time for Chrome Mollie . This hard rock band consists of Tim Smith (vocals), Eddie Golatka (drums), Dave Stroud (bass), and introducing their new member Mike Sutherland (guitar). This was their first show of 2015, and they couldn’t have started off on a better note. Playing fan favorites like “Freight Train,” “All In The Name Of,” “Shake It” and more, this band has shown us yet again how much of a powerhouse they are.
Each member of Chrome Mollie is an outstanding musician on their own. To see them connecting with each other and the crowd makes for an amazing show. They have a way of making you feel like you are part of the experience and that is what a truly great live show is supposed to do. These guys are a band you can rock your heart out to, its good, straight forward hard rock full of energy and fun that sends your adrenaline into overdrive.

Finally, with everyone in the venue packed in front of the stage, John Corabi was up. He performed Motley Crue’s 1994 self-titled album (the band’s first and only album released with Corabi) in its entirety to the ravenous crowd. Motley Crue was heavier and more elaborate than the rest of the Motley Crue catalog, and after over 20 years, Corabi proved how strong the album still holds up.
Assembling his own band, Corabi calls on some very talented musicians to put on a fantastic show. The band fed off the electrifying atmosphere of the crowd and seemed to pour their heart and soul into putting on the best possible performance. Corabi’s voice soared to heights that shocked the audience while playing his signature double-necked guitar. He has a swagger that is unmatched by most musicians; he is a natural born rock star. The band put on a legendary show for the Metro Detroit area, and after finally seeing him live, it’s no question why he continuously packs venues.

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