The Ballz Deluxe boys held their 6th Annual Jingle Ballz show this year at the Crofoot in Pontiac, MI.  This year’s line-up featured hosts Ballz Deluxe with Fifth Way, Red Stone Souls and Spiral Crush.

It was a homecoming of sorts as all bands have been playing together and supportive of each other throughout the past few years, all coming back to support the Gleaners Community Food Bank.

Ballz Deluxe is purely ballz out, original rock n’ roll that puts you in the mood to party. With honest, melodic hooks, catchy choruses, and heavy grooves, not to mention a reputation for putting on a no holds barred, energetic live show, Ballz Deluxe is flying the flag for dirty, dynamic, in your face, heavy rock…and  they even had Santa in the mosh pit to prove it!

Ballz Deluxe
Fifth Way

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Red Stone Souls
Spiral Crush

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photo imagery by Thom Seling

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