The J. Geils Band and the Howling Diablos hit the stage in the Motor City, the first of two sold-out shows; a show that started high and never slowed down.

Opening the night with their rockin bluesy style was hometown favorite, Howling Diablos. Since the 90s, the Howling Diablos have been bringing blues and funk back to the Motor City. They have toured with acts such as George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic, ZZ Top, Ben Harper, Alice Cooper, and Hank Williams Jr.

They set the night with their own unique brand of gritty, rock infused blues. Johnny Bee’s drums, Erik Gustafson’s guitar, MO Hollis’ bass, and Johnny Evans’ sax all provided a groovy sound, along with vocalist Tino Gross singing with both swagger and grit had the crowd begging for more.

The J. Geils Band hit the stage to a screaming, packed crowd. Detroit has always been a second home to the Boston-based band, the mutual love between the band and the crowd was palpable. The Geils musicians took the stage for the instrumental ‘Sno-cone,’ with each member getting a chance to solo before Wolf came out, to a roar of cheers, for “Hard Drivin’ Man.”
The band put on an electrifying two-hour plus show, with early songs like “Night Time,” “Looking For a Love,” and fan favorites like “Love Stinks,” “Freeze Frame,” and “Centerfold.” Geils then segued into “Detroit Breakdown,” which fired up the crowd, the echoes of their shouts had the walls shaking.

Peter Wolf gave 100% the entire night with his never-failing swagger and rocking voice. Along with Magic Dick’s insane harmonica solos, the grooving performance of fellow original members, Seth Justman, on keyboards and Danny Klein on bass, the boogie blues rock band more than thrilled those in the packed house.
“We started in Boston but we got our rock n’ roll legs here in Detroit City,” Wolf told the crowd toward the end of the night. After seeing the performance, it’s clear that the love between Detroit and The J. Geils Band is far from over. One can only be excited to see how amazing the second night will be!

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