Jane’s Addiction brings Ritual de lo Habitual to life in its entirety during their countdown to Lollapalooza show.

25-July-2016: The Murat Theatre at the Old National Centre is always a hopping place to catch a show and this night was certainly no different. Jane’s Addiction, Dinosaur Jr. and Living Colour? Hell yes! I think I’ll take an extra helping of that, please.

First out of the gate was Living Colour. To the surprise of the crowd and evidently the lighting crew, Living Colour started their set about seven min early. Half of their first song “Middle Man” was played entirely in the dark. Singer Corey Glover stopped mid-song with a “Damn, I know we’re black but can we get some lights?” giving the fans a chuckle and showing the fun side of their personality.

After the snafu, Living Colour tore through ten songs like they were on a mission. If that mission was to rock our faces off, they could mark it Mission: Complete. These guys are talented and soulful musicians who seem to have only gotten better with age.

Fan favorites from their politically charged set we’re “Ignorance Is Bliss,” “Who Shot Ya” ( Notorious B.I.G. cover), “This Little Pig,” and (of course) “Cult of Personality.” The band played “Times Up” with the gusto of a thrash metal band.

They also did an energetic cover of “Should I Stay or Should I Go” ( Clash cover) at the end of their 50-minute set clocking in with ten songs total. This band is so much more than their mega-hit, “Cult of Personality.” If you get a chance to see Living Colour, take it. These guys still have mountains of rock left in ’em. Colour this author impressed!

Next up on the roster was Dinosaur Jr. Starting out with the song, “The Lung” off of their 1987 You’re Living All Over Me release, the energy in the Murat markedly changed. Vernon Reed (Living Colour) and J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) have two completely different playing styles. One is a technical player and the other jam band. In total, Dinosaur Jr. played nine songs ending with “Sludgefeast.” The bassist and drummer both turned in notable high energy performances.

Jane’s Addiction, on the road to Perry Farrell founded <em>Lollapalooza<em> and celebrating 25 years (last year) since their <em>Ritual de lo Habitual<em> release, played the entire album front to back. While playing albums in their entirety has been overdone recently, it added a cool flavor to Jane’s set.

From the half naked (sometimes almost completely naked) dancers to the fan shared joint that singer Perry Farrell partook of (allegedly) to the hard driving infectious grooves of vested guitarist Dave Navarro, all the elements were present to make this a great Jane’s Addiction concert. In the words of Perry Farrell mid-show, “Tonight is about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.” Yes, it certainly was.

Jane’s Addiction closed their set with an encore, including “Rebel Rebel” (David Bowie cover), “Mountain Song,” “Ted, Just Admit It,” and “Jane Says.” The band always puts on a good show and this Monday night was no different. Catch Jane’s Addiction if and when you can.

Article by Jase Spiegel; photos by Sheri Rouse.


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